March 30, 2011



Some signs are just to make sign makers rich, I think ;)

We have one here at the Golf course: No swimming, deep water!

Uhm: a) Golf course, b) talking your clothes off in Kuwait to take a dip?

Oh well ;)

Genie Robinson

Like the sign. I still have that picture of you leaning over with the camera in your hand....Just seeing the lock brought it back to me :-)

Lady Fi

LOL! I guess they are just covering their bets in case someone gets hurt... Talk about stating the obvious though!


I agree with Andy, but not only for idiots, the sign is there for idiots who sue when they get themselves into trouble. American jurisprudence - thanks in large part to jurors who fail to understand personal responsibility and who think its okay to hit big organizations for unreasonable amounts of money - has long been quite berserk so that just about anything you do or is done on your property can lead to a lawsuit ending in millions of dollars in damages. This is an ugly CYA (cover your ass) sign. :-)


Thanks to the signs! That really helped for it avoids accident.


I guess not all people are as smart as you and can work it out for themselves. I loved going through locks in Europe.


That is pretty funny. I think it is there just to cover somebody's rear end if something went wrong.

ann chin, New Zealand

I was in Australia, the locks were broken and we were stick inside. Not nice, a very hot day.


Signs are there for the idiots. Today they don't have to worry because I'm staying home:-)


This is so good Sallie. Some signs do make you wonder. Your words read like Tui beer ads here. Their ads are on huge billboards and they make the most outlandish statements then always add 'Yeah right'.


I actually appreciate that they put up the sign, coz i loved this post!!!

Luna Miranda

*LOL* it's a warning for the adventurous, or the suicidal.:p


I have the hardest time understanding locks. I read about them in books, and have looked them up but for some reason my head can't get it. I guess I need to see one. :<)

Clair Z.

This sign is even funnier now that I have gone back to read the post on your passage through the locks! As if you would have time to even think of doing anything else but getting through...


"Yeah, right." I agree.


they just want to avoid lawsuit :)

good capture.


you know that there is always some idiot!

Judy Friend

They take all the fun out of a boat trip! Hope you enjoyed your trip. Jude


There must be a lot of disappointed sailors; always on the look-out for a lock to swim in :-)


I have to wonder about the people these type signs are put up for...like that little freshpak in shoe boxes, it states DO NOT EAT--geeze

Mama Zen

Definitely! How would you resist the temptation without that sign?

Rita aka Cashjocky

I'm behind as always and playing catch-up today. Looks like you had a fun trip and got some great photos as well. I have never taken more than a short spin around the lake with my brother at his place. I think a long boat trip would be lots of fun.

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