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March 20, 2011


Quotes About Life

Sounds captivating. Thanks.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Sallie this sounds like a fun read. I am going to click over to Barnes and Noble and add these to my Nook. I always injoy a good mystery. Thanks for the review.

Clair Z.

Hello Sallie, this is my first time here. I came over from Nan's blog, Letters from Hill Farm, and dropped in because I really like the name of your blog.

Lucky for me, my library here in southern New Mexico has the first book in this series, so I've added it to my list. Thank you!

Quasi Serendipita

Once again books about London that I don't know about!! They sound great. I can feel my London-commuting-anxiety rising as I look at that last picture... these days I leave a little more time and take the bus!


I have a pile of books to read next to the pile I swore I'd be done with by now
and then there are the other piles and the shelves!!
that said, this series sounds great
I guess I'll need to find more floor space :)

Mike B.

Sounds somewhat similar to one I'm reading now called "Kraken" by China Mieville. Also takes place in London, also about a peculiar crimes unit, but definitely falls within the fantasy/science fiction realm.

sandie czosek

You make them sound good - I'm going to check them out! Thanks. sandie


Your detailed photos and local history is fantastic!!!


You're hooked!


Thanks, Sallie, for this long ad interesting review ! I don't know if these books are translated in French but I hope it !


Oh Sallie, I think you have uncovered a gem of a series. These sound very good. The best books for me have what you mentioned - great characters and a story that makes me laugh out loud.

I checked my library's website to see if they have any of them and they do have four. You have me eager to read these. Next I'm going to check the Kindle Store. Thanks in advance for many pleasurable reading.

Genie Robinson

Oh golly Miss Molly, Sallie. I adore British mysteries. How could you tempt me so when I am already up to my neck with school and then the E-Course on Photoshop I am taking from Kin Klassen. I try to read 1 chapter a night and 1 at school in another book each day. If I have too many bad kids in my suspension room then I do not the read, but I really hang in there for that chapter before nodding off. I am going to get the first one of this series for my iPad...can’t wait.I adore the Aunt Dimnity Series ...do you know about it? It is not bloody but it surely is fun. I just love reading all of your comments on my pictures. The ones I am posting now on the Climbing blog are mainly ones I have been working on for my class. You can certainly tell the difference. If I go a few days without commenting so not fear...I am looking but do not have the time to type out my responses. I am having to let some of the memes stay on hold for a bit, but once the class is over I will get back to it. Don’t give up on me....I am still looking. Hugs...G

Lady Fi

Sounds like a great series... Will definitely have to check this out.


Hi Sallie, the book series sounds great, I love a good Who Done IT Mystery...
I enjoy listening to Audio books and I have heard many of the ALpahbet Series of Sue Grafton, and I went through all of Sue Henry's RV Traveler and Alaska Series...and Tony Hillerman's all of his--(loved his work too bad he is no longer with us)books are such a great addition to life!!

Judy Friend

Hi Sallie, the books sound very interesting. I will have to add the author to my summer reading. With working full time I just don't have the time during the week and by the weekend I'm trying to catch up on other stuff. Since I am a Kindle person I will check them out on Amazon and download the first in the series. Hope you are enjoying this great weather we are having. Jude


I love to read such books, I am a big fan of Dan brown!!
Will check if can lay my hands on these books!!
Have a great day:)


I'm always looking for something different. It sounds fun.
I particularly like series if I've liked the first book and don't want it to end.

Martha Z

This sounds like something we might like, I'll have to check the library.


I like the sound of these books and being set in London appeals to me too. I spent some time there many years ago and would love to revisit even if it is in fiction.

Mickie Brown

Sallie, thank you so much for the nice comments on my blog--I really appreciate them. It is a little difficult to keep up with everyone--becoming a fulltime job (but a "fun" one). There are just so many creative people out there that do so many great things. The book series looks interesting--I'm always glad to have someone's recommendation-thanks. Your night-blooming cactus shot was beautiful--yes, all our thoughts are with the people of Japan. Such a lovely way to spend an evening--sitting on the dock enjoying the sky, the friendly "visitors", a glass of wine, and the peace and quiet that envelopes the area. I'd like to be there doing just that. Have a great week. Mickie

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