March 31, 2011



Your gray day is quite beautiful with that gorgeous light!


Beautiful and dramatic!


Awesome capture of the moody sky! I think I would rather have a quick rainstorm and have it over than an all day soaker.


Grey but beautiful sky ! Here all blue today !


Loving the contrasts here....great and stunning picture.


Great menacing sky!

carolyn Ford

that's what I like about Florida...the skies never disappoint!


I like your picture of gray sky over gray water. Makes me feel cold and wet.


I like this foreboding scene, looking off to the distance, Sallie. I also like the way the light in the sky is mirrored in the water


Here in SC this storm has been keeping us under rain for a few days now..SO Happy the sun is OUT TODAY!! Yippie


I like grey days, less pressure to be perky ;)

beautiful photo

I'm in Central NJ
exit 117 on the Garden State Parkway

Mickie Brown

Sallie, Gray day or not, it is hard to make Florida look bad. Sometimes those simple, less colorful shots are very dramatic. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)


This is a different take on Skywatch. I love the drama of your photograph.


Wonderfully framed stormy sky.


Great dramatic photo. It sounds similar to Queensland weather and that makes sense since we are about the same distance away from the equator but in opposite hemispheres. We are still having rain even though summer is supposed to be over. Isn't that annoying having guests and the weather is cr**.


Love how this came out so pretty. Thanks for sharing!
Moon shots


Fabulous photo, I like skies like this. I also like the sound of your wet days, quick downpour then get back to the sun. We mostly have the other sort, lingers for quite a while and only grudgingly clears ...but not always ;-)

Quasi Serendipita

That's a lovely moody sky!

Genie Robinson

This is a beautiful silvery sky you captured this week. My shots have no blue in them, either. Sometimes the white, the dar , and the gray are just as beautiful as the bright blues.The clouds look like they are wrapping their arms around the water.

Joyce M

Sometimes cloudy skies will add a sense of mystery to an image as in this case. Very dramatic looking photograph. Thumbs up on this one.
Joyce M


Even on the rainy day the sky is so pretty!
Happy SWF:)

William K Wallace

We get plenty of grey skies in London, but very rarely are they as atmospheric as what you have captured in Florida. Sounds like the kind of weather I experience when I was living in Barbados during the rainy season.

Boom & Gary

But the gray and the faint pastels look good. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Ah, someone else with gray skies!! And a great capture it is! They are silvery and beautiful, but as you know, Sallie, I've really had a winter-full of gray/silvery skies! Hope yours don't hang around for too long! Happy SWF! Enjoy your weekend!


Laura Hegfield

I love the mirror of light on the water....beautiful in an unconventional way!


Love the silvery grey, Sallie - and the ripples almost look as if they are being stirred by a little breeze. The hint of buildings on the horizon are very effective, - sun doesn't have to shine to make the sky beautiful.

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