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March 27, 2011



I like these electronic postcards - they don't get marked up in the mail and I don't have to worry about losing them in the chaos. Glad you had a great trip - do tell us more!


Sallie, sounds like you had a wonderful boat trip. The photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Mickie Brown

Lovely pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip--relaxing, tranquil, and refreshing. Thanks for the nice comment of my post--I truly appreciate it. Mickie :)


Sallie, We drove up to the Loggerhead Club and Marina last month to visit a cousin who was docked there for the month of Feb. Isn't the Wahoo Restaurant delightful.



Sounds like heaven to me. I love nothing better than being on the water or watching water. Great photos. Glad you had a lovely time.


HOW wonderful! Your photos are terrific!! You took the trip in your boat? HOW COOL!!


Mmmmm sounds like an idyllic adventure.


I missed your Blog and photos too! Glad you had a wonderful
boat trip.


The trip seems fascinating... Looks like a very beautiful place Sallie, the pics are great!!
I was missing your beautiful posts.... Will wait for more breathtaking pics in later posts!!

Have a wonderful day:)


Your boat trip sounds like a dream vacation. I like the part of being out in the fresh air all day long. Here in northern California we are completing 23/26 days of rain. I could use some DRY fresh air about now. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual.

Lady Fi

Ah - what superb photos. Tranquil and gorgeous. So glad you just enjoyed the moment.

About your question - why are we renting a summer cottage now? Well, it's a six-month rental. We got the keys last weekend because the people renting to us are going away for a while. We intend to go there over weekends as soon as the weather gets better and then, of course, to spend lots of time there in the summer holidays.


Sallie, your trip looks and sounds fabulous. Those calm waters and placid skies would be so satisfying. Tell me you read your Kindle as the boat gently rocked and you sipped something cool...


I wondered where you'd been!
The 'rocking motion of the boat' sounds heavenly.
Lovely shots - a beautiful sunrise/sunset!
Welcome back!


Sounds like a lovely trip for you. Your photos are wonderful!

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