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March 19, 2011


sandie czosek

I am still hurting for them to - I can't even imagine. sandie


Beautiful macro of the flower. The pink stem curving to the left is a colorful and attractive accent to the white flower.

Thanks for sharing those links; even those of us who don't express as ourselves as eloquently feel the hurt and sorrow. It's wonderful to find someone who can express our thoughts more eloquently.


Beautiful bloom and image, Sallie!


Thanks for the Pine River link, it is such a beautiful post. I am a follower of Barb, so I have read her post. Thank you kindly for the link.

It is indeed so tragic, the situation in Japan is just like Hiroshima revisited. We all are united no matter what faith and beliefs we believe.

My cousins still feel so scared and one is thinking of bringing her kids to Korea and stay with her sister.

I love your flower shot. White stands for purity and sincerity of our intentions to help.


Sallie, Thank you for mentioning my Japan post - I am in contact with my friends in Nara and believe that the people of Japan are pulling together to help others in the country who have lost so much. I admire their determination and resilience. Your photo of the night-blooming cactus with that colorful stamen is super.

Martha Z

I agree, I've had a hard time finding the right words but Barb always seems to find them. Springman also had a wonderful post.
The enormity of this is almost impossible to comprehend but should remind us that smaller tragedies happen daily around the world, everywhere, every day; people are in need of help.


I agree with all that's been said. Friends though,have a son working in Bahrain-which brings its own different problems. He fled Bahrain last Wednesday with his wife and young son. They left everything behind and don't know if they will be able to return safely...


Two very beautiful posts for the people of Japan. I join them in wishes and prayers of healing for this beautiful country and it's people.
Your photo here is so very lovely.


Thanks for the links they were lovely tributes to the people of Japan. The night cactus is beautiful.

Genie Robinson

Sallie...Thanks so much for all of your kind comments about my blog. I live way out in the country so that is the focus of my photography. I wish I had a beautiful flower garden,but sadly I don’t. Come spring and summer I will finally have some pretties popping up which I can shoot. Your night blooming cactus is gorgeous. The more I see of the news about Japan, I am awed by the properness and compassion of the Japanese towards their own. We could use more of that over here.

Jenn Jilks

Of all the nations in the world, this one gives the most hope. They have the 3rd largest economy, they are organized, responsible, there has been no looting, and they have millions of volunteers. It is the people of Haiti, who still are without homes and food and shelter that worry me.


This is beautiful!!

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