April 02, 2011



Must be an enjoyable read The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party by Alexander Mccall Smith. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.


"... but where the boat kind of rocked us to sleep before we'd read very much." - Very funny! :-)


I've read since I started school.It was then and still is my escape. I have a stack of books on the table at present but each time I go to the discount store I search books and came home with two more yesterday.
Your detective series sounds like something I would like so I'm adding it to my list to look for.

Glad you liked the lilac leaves. I will post the blooms as soon as they happen. :)


It sounds like you had a great reading month. I'm glad you liked the books. It feels good to pass on good books so I actually do it for myself. I like al your personal challenges. Go Agatha!


I like the sound of the Bhutan book and will check if it's on Kindle. Happy Reading, Sallie!


I have been an avid reader all my life but when my eyesight began to get fuzzy I turned to audio books--and I enjoy that so much! I enjoy mystery and adventure--I went through the entire Sue Henry Series, the Tony Hillerman series, have gone almost all the way through the alphabet with Sue Grafton, and I enjoy the syfy adventrues of Lincoln Child--his are a little far out sometimes but exciting
Sounds as if you have read some good ones!!


Crikey! You sure get through some books in a month. It usually takes me a month to read a book because I only read in bed and I usually fall asleep after a few pages. I'm reading The Millennium Trilogy and I am up to the last one " The Girl Who Stirred up a Hornet's Nest."


I just got "Radio Shangri-La by Lisa Napoli" but haven't actually started reading it yet. It looks good!

Genie Robinson

Sallie....You have become my personal shopper for books, now. I cannot believe The latest L#1DA book is OUT. Thank heavens we are in Richmond this weekend where there is a Barnes and Noble. I will be picking it up before we leave to drive home tomorrow. I am SOSOSOSOSO excited. I adore that series and its portrayal of life. Hugs...G

Clair Z.

Thank you for mentioning the new Alexander McCall Smith book. I read them all in order, too. I know I'll have to wait a while to get a copy from the library. This MIGHT be the push I need to get myself a Kindle or Nook.

Lady Fi

Oh, I love the Ladies' Detective Agency series.. must turn on Kindle and see if it's available in Europe.

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