April 09, 2011



Very impressive, and kind of scary :-)


Cool shots and catches!
Yeah, I wouldn't really want to have anything to do with them close range either ;)
Can you believe there are Allis in Kuwait?
I have not yet figured out, if that Alli-pond is natural or men made or what,... some of the Pro birders here have a permit to go there (me not,...)


Cool photos, Sallie! I do not think I would want this critter in my backyard.


great shot

Boom & Gary

Wow. Great photos!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Gators surround you from both above and below.. don't dangle your toes in the water or high in the air.. a big ouch, awaits.

be well and happy, Sallie

Mike B.

Wow- thank goodness I don't have to worry about them in the Willamette!


Great sighting! Crocs and alligators also fascinate me.

Carolina Mts

We lived in FL for 10 years and saw them often!


Great shot! Makes me happy I'm landlocked.


Charming critters, very pre historic. I'm glad they are in your back yard and not mine.

Hootin' Anni

Excellent!!! Ya, as you already know, south Texas has these too. Of course, I'd much rather see them at a distance...or better yet, thru photos. Great beginning to the Camera Critter meme participation!!

My Sunday's Link:

In the Shadows of your Mind

It's always a delight to have you visit with me...thanks for stopping by yesterday while I was out all day. Hope your Sunday treats you well.


I am not sure how I would feel about seeing them. I guess that not having any in NZ (or crocodiles)I only get to hear of them when something bad happens so have grown up with hearing the worst - a bit like snakes, we don't have them either. Great photos.


They are really incredible, pretty laid back and enjoy being by themselves... i actually like them! Terrific shot :)


You saw your future in the clouds! :)
Their side profile always looks like a sneaky smile.
This guy/girl looks big.

I made the mistake of visiting an alligator farm years ago (in Florida) and there were so many big ones and baby ones crawling everywhere that it was creepy to me and I cringe ever since.

Welcome to Camera Critters! Our crowd has been around for three years. You never know what you'll see.


They are such interesting animals--I enjoy seeing them in the wilds!!


I'm glad they don't want to have anything to do people. Maybe if I saw them more often I wouldn't be afraid of them, but they do scare me. I liked you cloud picture too. I think I prefer that form of alligator.


I love ugly cute
and this guy is ugly cute :)


These critters are ugly as sin, yet there is still something so fascinating to look at, isn't there? I've looked up the difference between gators and crocs, but can never remember what it is. But I have a story about a croc... my grandmother, who lived in Indonesia for over two decades once fell asleep on a beach and woke up with a crocodile "sleeping" right beside her. She lived to tell about it!


He's smiling - maybe dreaming of dinner!


I'll stick with my squirrels. Nice pics.


A cracking good view,the first one is! We have no gators but crocks here, I hope to try my luck with one at the end of this month.


I agree with Ladie Fi. Actually I think he's grinning. Great shot, Sallie.


I'm happy to have just lizards in my backyard !

Lady Fi

Great pic! Why is it that alligators always look as if they are smiling?


Oh yes, he is one ugly looking creatures. But fascinatingly prehistoric looking, as you say!
~ makes a change from the stunning birds and cute kittens ;)

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