April 10, 2011



Nice shots, Sallie. I have fond memories of living in Tucson.. I thought the desert was thrilling but then, I was only seven what did I know about snakes and scorpions!

smiles and hugs,
Pam :)


Dangerous looking plants. Do they make good pie?

Thanks for the visit.



As a cacti lover I could only enjoy this post. Those are fantastic!

Gemma @ Greyscale

Incredible shapes and tones in these desert plants! What a miracle in dry worlds!


Those are beautiful!
I so would love to see Arizona one day (hubby comes from there).


The desert seems to be far more colourful than one might imagine.


Great shots...I have to laugh when they say.."its 100 degrees but its a dry heat" 100 degrees is hot weather its dry or not!!!


I also love the desert and the water and the mountains...aren't we lucky to have such varied terrain to visit! Lovely desert plants in your mosaic.

mel cole

Pretty collection of photos of those different kinds of cactus. They are amazing plants. My Yellow Monday

Manang Kim,usa

An amazing collage of cactus. Like the one that has a tiny yellow flower, very pretty!



The desert is lovely indeed! The usual cactus shape leaves nice shadows. The spiny plants look nice from afar - look, but do not touch!


Wonderful cactus plants.

EG Wow

I love seeing all those cacti! WOW! There are so many varieties!


One of the things I like about blogland is being able to see the amazing things nature has to offer from all over the world - all the different plants and animals.
Here in the US each section offers something new and different.
Traveling back and forth across the country you've been able to see all this wonder for yourself and appreciate the diversity.
Your collages are wonderful!

ps. I know I don't say it often enough but I do appreciate all the wonderful comments you leave me. :)

Stephanie V

Desert plants are unique. I like the dusty gray-greens - and of course, the bright yellow flower.

Maria @ LSS

Pretty cactus. Happy RT!

Mine's here.

Lady Fi

The desert is a fascinating place. Lovely shots.


Since we retired we haven't spent as much time in the southwest as we'd hoped. Your pictures make me wish we could. There is such a unique beauty to all the desert foliage.

Birgitta - foto CHIP

Amazing desert plants!


I love the desert and hate that once again I was unable to see the wild flowers bloom there..I was close last yr got there end of May--but not close enough..lol
OH glad to see the ID on that Red Prickly pear I took a photo of one and had no idea what it was named!
Great Collages!!!!


Interesting, cactus are plants I don't think about too much. There is a lot of variety here!

Thanks for the visit!

Luna Miranda

cactus are fascinating! i've always wanted to cultivate them...buy my mom says it's "bad luck". *LOL* so to keep the peace, i just keep one cactus on the porch.


Beautiful collection. Have a fabulous week!

Liz @ MLC

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