April 12, 2011


Dear Miss Mermaid

Loved your boat blog today. I spent many years messing about on boats in the Caribbean. We had the same problem there. Boats get wrecked, from mishap or storms, owners die or abandon them. Not everyone is insured. Sometimes the insurance company pays off, but they don't pay to remove the eye-sore, something I wish was changed.


Lovely treasures you found there.
And yes, our importing habits do destroy so much & in most cases we only realize it when it's too late :(

Magical Mystical Teacher

Old boats. Sad boats. But, oh, so photogenic!


With water they say that the best
Is clearest when put to the test;
No sediment there
To cause wear and tear—
Pure water sure beats all the rest!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


J Bar

That first shot is excellent.


Interesting post and photos, Saliie! I wonder if the owners ran out of money to fix them. They do look sad.


Sallie, you asked about my Wordless wednesday post. I just though the Japanese house was very unusual sitting there in the middle of an Anglo neighborhood. I don't know what the house is. It was all closed up.


You have good beginnings to write a mysterie novel, Sallie ! You had to try...


The boating world is completely foreign to me. I can see how these abandoned boats would make you wonder about the owners. I love your literary reference at the end.


I prefer "Just to look at them." and these ones are very interesting rust buckets. They make good photographs if nothing else.

NatureFootstep Photography

ouch, this needs some work to be done. :)


It does make you wonder who owns/owned these boats, why are they left. It's sad that they are left to become litter. I wonder what their stories are.

jeannette StG

Love you first pic especially, but I'm also surprised that it is able to stand on this angle! Guess with old boats it is like old cars:)- yo take care of it, or you don't (smile).

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

Lead to eccentricity! That made me laugh. Hubby used to be a fisherman and loved it, but it's young man's work.

Sally in WA

When I was in FL last week, I saw a couple of abandoned boats along the Banana River. Sad, sad.


An interesting post. People live their lives in different ways...on a boat sounds adventurous to me.

Lady Fi

What wonderful old rust buckets! ;-)


Wonderful images of boats that have been stay put.


I love your pictures! I find old boats and cars with a certain charm in them ;-)

River Cruise

Genie Robinson

This post is wonderful. Love the boat run amuck in the first shot, and I really like the yucky looking boat. It looks like it is not long for the floating world. Living half of your life on the water sounds wonderful.


I wonder the same thing sometimes Sallie. What makes somebody just leave it there?
I also think that even tried and true work boats could use a little paint and maintenance once in a while.
The first shot reminds me of Gilligan's Island. :)


I would love to ride on a small boat, haven't yet. I also would love to photograph "grounded" boats.


I always enjoy taking a boat ride from a curise ship to a kayak! I hate to see boats rusting in yards and garages...wondering why the people never lived their dream to be OUT On the water!


That sailboat is plain sad. The others don't look shiny, but I wouldn't be surprised if their owners have a keen eye for seaworthiness!

Nice shots!

Birgitta - foto CHIP

How strange to leave a boat like that. Hope it is not an accident- However I like the first picture a lot - something calm and relaxing about it :)


I am not really a boat person, but I quite agree with Ratty!

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