April 13, 2011


Grace @liberal sprinkles

oooh I love this post, I love food!! Not so crazy about black pudding though...

Gemma @ Greyscale

I so love the lively colours and dramas and creativity of markets! A great collection of photos!


Love a mooch round a farmers market. As a non meat eater I would head for the first sign but must admit one of things I miss is black pudding. My father used to love a piece of tripe with a dash of vinegar over it, I watched as a child how he relish eating it and made it look a delicacy, lured me into trying it, vile:-0


Even in England they get the apostrophe wrong! ;<)

Rita aka Cashjocky

How exciting to have been able to travel to London. It has always been on my bucket list. I'm sure you had an exciting time. Nice to take the trip trough your archives.


I love how farmers markets differ from place to place. Our local markets are nothing like this! And the signs are wonderful!


That is so much fun visiting farmers markets especially in other countries. Some good/funny signs here.

lynda howells

l was only there the other day at Borough Market..very near mexxlynda


here's the Dutch scrapple recipe:



Your farmers market signs are great. Even though I can't say I am vegetarian (although I'm getting close to making that decision), it's the first sign that would attract me. I do NOT like blood pudding and tripe I can't do at all.

[I'm with you on tattoos too... don't get it, really... but no, these days tattoo parlors are everywhere, not just in the bad side of town. :-D]


I'm glad the comments section here offered an explanation to what kind of faggots the british have for sale in a farmers market; LOL! Great pictures!


That Black Pudding reminds me a bit of PA Dutch scrapple. I haven't had it in a long time, but our family loved it fried with eggs and topped with maple syrup. (In the days before worrying about cholesterol!)


Love your signs I guess because I love seeing food, even if it's not something I'm familiar with. I'll have to look up faggots and black pudding.

Lady Fi

As a vegetarian, I prefer the first sign!


Sallie, brawn is "jellied pigs' heads".


Faggots are often eaten with mushy peas.


Looks and sounds delicious!
The Faggots are a bit, uhm, weird though :D


love to try these because i have never had any of them ;-)


It seems it was a beautiful market ! I like to try new foods. Most often it's a good surprise but sometimes...


Stornoway Black Pudding from Lewis in The Outer Hebrides is supposed to be the best:




Reading all your London has made me hungry.. see ya later gator!



Looks like it would be hard to know what was what by the signs. Great post.


All those foods sound awful, but I'd like to try them to see what they are like.

EG Wow

Some of these foods sound like a totally different world to me. :)


what are faggots. i have a vague recollection of eating black pudding, but i may be wrong.

great signs.


I loved the markets in England, these are great photos. I must admit that I enjoy black pudding, especially when served with bacon! But tripe -no, and I don't even want to know what a faggot is ;-)I liked haggis too when we spent time in Scotland.

Joe Todd

Love farmers markets. Been busy getting my veggie garden ready. I start just about all my plants from seeds and they are doing well. Sorry I haven't been around lately. We are heading down to Hilton Head end of month.. Will you be heading back to Oregon?


black pudding is good (in small doses) but I never could get into tripe or faggots!
markets are a wonderful source of signs.

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