April 27, 2011



Amazingly beautiful there. Is it hot this time of year?

Mickie Brown

Sallie, Really beautiful sky. Love the way the sun is "hiding" behind that clouds. When I look at some of your pictures of the ocean, I can almost envision myself sitting on the beach, listening to the soft lapping of waves against the shore, and being completely at peace--it's a nice image. have a wonderful weekend. Mickie :)


Very useful sign and beautiful shots of the sunclipse and the marina.


It seems so peacefull !


Hmmm, very interesting words...never heard it put that way. Great shots!


Your sunclipse picture makes up for everything you might have missed, Gorgeous shot!

jeannette StG

The sun makes the clouds look like a bird that flies!


That just makes me grin a happy grin :D
Sunsight is too early here too. I'm awake then (hubby starts work early), but it's at the other side of the house :)
The harbor looks hazy.

Simply Delicious

Beautiful shots. Happy SWF!



Love those two words, - sunsight and sunclipse. Someone had a nice way with words, or are they commonly used? Pictures are marvelous Sallie.

Lady Fi

Wow - what magical light in that middle photo! It's wonderful!

Manang Kim

It's only here in the US when I have to take notice about the weather. I don't want to be caught of something specially if storm is tornadoes are being announce. Great sign you've got there. Thanks for sharing!

Sky Watch



Aweseome PHotos!! Dont you love the Play of Sun n clouds? I wish the Sun didnt come up so EARRRRLYYYY ----cause I'd love to watch it come up every morning...But dang--

Clair Z.

That's a beautiful sunclipse photo with all the rays. Now you have me starting a daydream about living on a boat.


Sunsight and sunclipse are words new to me. I love your photos, the scenery is beautiful. Happy skywatching!

Boom & Gary

You gotta start staying up!! Ha, ha! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


You captured that sunclipse at just the right moment, Sallie!


the second is awesome!!! loved the sun rays peeping out ... beautiful


I loved seeing the sun from the water instead of on foot[me]! Such a romantic viewpoint you have.
Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Terrific captures for the day, Sallie! I really love the second shot! Gorgeous! Also love the sign and all its info! Happy SWF! Hope you have a great weekend!



Yes, I like the creative way the sign makers tell you the facts. I looked up those two new words but they aren't in the dictionary - yet. I'd like to use those two for next weeks Wondrous Words and take a little clip of your picture - if that's okay with you? (I give you credit and link to you.)

I also like Martha Z's comment about Road Scholar trips. I just got a catalog and am amazed at all the wonderful options available all over the place.


i love the second photo the most. i love sunrise/sunset shots.

Martha Z

All important info for the mariner. Nice photo of the early morning lights in the marina.
We didn't have much free time on this Road Scholar trip. We were on our own in Moab in the evening, we were free to find our own meals. Without a car in remote areas there wouldn't be much to do, lodging was outside of the park boundry. Most of the Road Scholar (Elderhostel) trips we have taken have been similar, we like active programs in more remote areas.
On our Elderhostel to New Zealand we had a lot of free time. In many towns we were given cash to find our own meals and time to explore.

Crafty Green Poet

that's a very important sign! Lovely views too!


I didn't see sunsight this morning either, i slept in. Love your soft dreamy pictures, very much lazy holiday weather.


very nice shots.


I like the sunsight and sunclipse - very innovative


I never saw the words sunsight and sunclipse before. (and the spellchecker doesn't know them either)

Genie Robinson

I saw lots of these at the beach, but I never saw one at the marina. It has all the info the sailers will need.

Pat VanderBeek

That is a cool whiteboard sign at the marina...and a very cool "sunsight" and early Sunday morning shot.

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