May 24, 2011



It's so beautiful and big ! And all the different trees behind are beautiful too !


Lucky you, it's a gorgeous bird!


Serendipitous moments can be wonderful, can't they Sallie. Your payment for being such a kind and caring neighbor.
My guess is that you happened upon a nest being defended by what I think is a Red-shouldered Hawk.


Lady Fi

Wow - such a gorgeous creature!


Maybe that silly goose - aeh hawk - did build his nest in those trees, taking it for wilderness.
Great catch and lucky you :D

Re neighbour: I read careless about three times until I got it right :D


What a great life. Being able to move when the climates change. I envy you. I think it is great and wish you well.

Goodies for a pleasant life

It´s a majestic bird. I would not like to be a mouse nearby. LG Tina


Its a real beauty, could be an immature Coopers--amazing he didnt just take off, he was defending HIS hang out I guess...
HAPPY travels, Ill be keeping an eye out for your posts!!


I love watching the hawks. Yours is different coloring from the ones we are used to seeing. I like the red-tail hawks we see often in the Midwest.


Nice capture! Have a safe trip!

Bill S.

Hawks can be very aggressive if you accidently get too close to their nests. And they can be a little dangerous. Great post.


Great shots of this hawk. Well done!


he's got his eye on you. So nice to have birds in built up areas too. You do have the best of both worlds, migrating like birds to a better climate. I would dearly love to have a holiday house in Tasmania to go to during our hot humid months but be able to come back here for the warm winters.

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Awesome hawk. For a moment I thought if I can also fly in the air and enjoy the freedom what birds do.


Superb photos of Hawks!


We are seeing so many falcons and hawks while traveling along he west coast. All of them are soaring on air currents and too far away to be photographed. Have a safe trip back, Sallie.


Fantastic sighting Sallie. Hawks have been scarce around here lately, how awesome to see yours. Good idea, time to head North!


Awesome sighting, Sallie! They are awesome birds and I love seeing them as long as they are not eating my yardbirds.

andrew fulton

Lovely images. Thanks for sharing.


I would love to sew a hawk. Great shots!

Boom & Gary

Great capture!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


What wonderful serendipity!
I'm amazed that it sat there so long.
Nice going Sallie - great shots.

I've been wondering when you would be leaving. Yep, batten down the hatches and take off for adventure. :)


Interesting Hawk. I would do the same, leave the heat and hurricanes behind!

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