May 25, 2011



Very cool post, really funny! We're all a bit crazy but some are (much) more than others! LOL!

Kym Wolfe


Genie Robinson

Love your comment about the sighs and all of the publicity. It is really clever. I did not see any signs like this around where we live in VA. Great post.


I didn't know there were billboards of this event. I did get a laugh with the interviews of the 'chosen' on why it hadn't happened. I had to check the calendar to see I was still living in the 21st century, LOL.


I saw a picture of another billboard that said, "That was awkward." Then had a quote from Matthew about no one knows when the end will come.

Hopefully there won't be a lot of places for sale by you next fall!


I didn't see any of these billboards but I heard about them. The guy who did the predicting lives in Oakland so we saw a lot of interviews with him and other interesting reactions by some of the crazy folk here. It was all over the news out of San Francisco for weeks. Now he is saying that he had the May date wrong - mathematical mistake. The new date is sometime in October.


LOL..so you got the place all to yourself...I looked at my Mom that night and said "You still Here?" she had a good LOL over it--


It was all over the news here...if only they read their Bible.

luna miranda

i'm grinning while at this sign.:p
this was all over the news here. my friend even called to say he was "raptured" but was kicked out--and he has a hangover! LOL


This made me smile! Will you be off on your travels soon?


wow, talk about empty!
I hope they just went 'up' home :)

Rita aka Cashjocky

I must be living in a vacuum. I had not heard about this event. Far as I can tell no one has disappeared from our neighborhood. I spent last saturday catching up on work needed to keep commitments made before out trip.


I heard there were a few of these billboards around Portland, but I rarely visit there even though I live so close.

I also heard that due to a mathematical miscalculation the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (AKA rapture, judgment day, etc) has been postponed until October 21st. Only 5 more months to go!!! Again.


I'm quite happy to be left behind :-)


Looks like we're all stuck here together, then, doesn't it? Might as well blog.


I didn't see any of those signs (except on the TV news).


If they read their Bible, they'd know that no one will be guessing correctly!


It has been postpone until October 21.


I didn't see any of these signs, though I heard there were a few around here. Glad we all survived. Roll on Dec12, 2012.

J Bar

That seems to be announced by some group or another, every few years.

Gemma @ Greyscale

A very interesting sign! Strange that we have little publicity on this in Australia! Are we already out in the cold?


I wonder what they are saying now?


hopefully your trip will be traffic free, then!


Where could they all be? Nice chuckles from your post.

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