May 10, 2011


Rita aka Cashjocky

What a great shot. I could live year round in a place like that. Well, only until hurricane season that is. I'm so tired of rain, storms, floods, rain, tornados, more rain, more floods.

We had the worst tornado in decades in Joplin this week. Will the nice weather ever return?

Mike B.

That last photo looks very peaceful. Throw in that mourning dove call and I could imagine it being a fine morning.

sandie czosek

I agree!

Are you staying there over the summer?

Pat Ulrich

What a beautiful morning shot of the canal! Looks like a perfect place to start a day!


The weather is a bit hot for this time of year but well worth staying for the peace and serenity of the canal.
Lovely views, Sallie.



It seems very quiet ! and the birds are so lovely. Summer morning are so nice, and for you Ithink it's yet summer !


Thanks for the comment on my header shot. I will post that in my blog. It is a wall mural 4 photos stitched together.


I almost come in late for work, just snoozing my alarm clock in the morning to hear the birds tweet. But for symphony, may I will not come in for work.


That Mockingbird looks like he's making quite a ruckous :D
And that early morning canal is just simply beautiful!


What a beautiful relaxing place! I love the Mourning Doves that visit me, wonderful birds!


My Mother jut sold a park model in Florida this year. It's amazing how these parks empty out in April. It must be very quiet there now, perfect for the early walk. How nice to be on the water!


I know I would be missing it already. Great capture of the canal!

Bill S.

Great pictures. I also agree that your neighbors are missing some great mornings. Hopefully they are enjoying them some other place.


Lovely shot of the canal. And the Doves are so sweet looking. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

Marias Teater

I like very much the canal and its peacefullnes. Would like to have a cup of coffee there and then observe your birds.


Nice birds and the photo of the canal is just beautiful.


Sallie, It looks tranquil there. I'd love to wake to your symphony. We're under a winter storm watch here in the mountains.

Clair Z.

What a beautiful place!

J Bar

Great canal shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs


The sun has made a beautiful glow on the mockingbird...lovely!! So the heat is starting....here too--Hope you enjoy the last bits of it...


Here in Northern California we have a pair of morning doves and I enjoy their cooing although they do bother some people. I don't think we have mockiingbirds, at least I don't think so.

Your canal looks so peaceful. That sight is a good reward for those who get up early enough to enjoy the view.


A lovely post to read. Relaxing.


I'm singing that old 50's tune about a mockingbird. Can't for the life of me think what it is.
I posted a dove today as well.
LOVE that reflection on the canal! It must be quite peaceful with so many gone. Are you staying there much longer?

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