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May 16, 2011


Crafty Green Poet

That would be a fascinating place to wander, though like you I prefer my shells on the beach!

Lynette Killam

Hi Sallie...this post takes me back to the Fifties, when our Canadian roadsides were littered with quirky, bright signs of all shapes and sizes. However, we only stopped at the ones that sold ice dream...LOL!


I think I like the outside more than the inside!


Hi Sallie, This takes me back to 1953.. along the Tamiami Trail was a shell factory next to a sand road which took us south to Marco Island. There was nothing and nobody out there but the Gulf of Mexico and pristine beaches as far as the eyes could see. I'm glad I saw it before the developers spoiled it, Forever!


Manang Kim,usa

I like this shop reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for sharing!



This does look like a fun place to visit - once. Sometimes we like to visit the obviously tourist traps. They go into our list of "Crazy Things We Have Seen."


very cool. that's the kind of store i'd spend a ton of time in.

Genie Robinson

I was just thinking what EG said...that I bet lots of people stop there as well as having their pictures taken there. So colorful.

EG Wow

I bet that's the sign of a very popular tourist stop. :)


I want a pink flamingo!!!

What a fun place - so colorful and Kitschy! Love it!!!


That is what you call "high Kitsch" - love it!


At least it's colorful!


It would be fun to have your picture taken there and I bet a lot of people do.


This kind of 'touristy' attraction (using your words) isn't really my thing either, but this one is too kitsch to be missed, you just have to have a quick look. :-)


I looked up:
It is fascinating reading your details and following them up!


I , like you. often wonder why people frequent these places. The shell collection in the last photo would be the best part for me. Yes a silly day now and then is fun and it is easy for grey nomads to be silly and get away with it.

Goodies for a pleasant life

This VW Käfer is so cute. LG Tina


Beautiful world. The postcards are really great.

Lady Fi

Lots of crazy stuff there - but fun to browse through.

Yoko alias stardust

I would often collecting shells in my childhood. No pressure to buy is a good news. I just love seeing various shaped and colored shells.

Thank you for your visit to my blog and a nice comment. Wisteria likes cooler weather, so I suppose Florida would be difficult for them to survive.


Living in Fort Meyers it is certainly part of your world. I agree, though, I'd rather find my shells on the beach.


it would be so much fun to visit the shell place!
I love it


Well, whatever floats your boat! I think "silly" is a good word!

Kay Davies

If I weren't so far away, I'd buy a pink flamingo for my husband. He used to love to take pictures of pelicans but he seems to have switched to flamingos! LOL
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Clair Z.

Gotta love crazy kitsch! I'm partial to roadside statues myself, the bigger the better. I'm a little ashamed of this, and a little not!


I would likely go there if I was visiting, mostly because it is free and a long way to return if I later heard good things about it. but I suspect I would be tired of the kitsch before I saw half of it!

Sylvia Kirkwood

What a fun place! And so much to photograph! Love all your photos as always, Sallie! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!


pretty life online

great place to capture photos!!! Have a great weekdays ahead!!! Hoping you can visit @ my little corner.


The painted VW is cute, I could not imagine if this is working, plying around the neighborhood.

I used to collect postcards (international), but I have since lost my collection.


they used to have a place here called shell world that was just like this. They had huge shells that I would put up to my ear and hear the ocean like Bugs Bunny did. It really does work.

carolyn Ford

I can see that would be a great place for photos ops! I am really liking that VERY colorful VW!!!

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