June 19, 2011



I've scrolled through your CO photos, Sallie - you covered a lot of ground! Wish I could have met you in Denver. Maybe next visit!

Genie Robinson

You all certainly enjoy life. All of your shots show just how much fun and enjoyment you have. Love seeing the shots of your travels. Take care. Genie


Lovely world you have. I wouldn´t mind to have that world.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, what a fun trip and such wonderful captures, Sallie! I love them! I, too, can tell that all of you had a wonderful time together! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!



Wonderful shots from the trip. It is nice to spend time with family.


I can tell you guys had a great time!
I envy you for the hike/walks. I sooo miss that :/
Oh well. :)


Great to see you having a good time, Sallie!


You can paint! :)
Your hiking spot looks beautiful!!


It looks like you had a good visit. I'm anxious to hit the trail but I think I'll have to find some place lower in elevation than my usual.


OH what fun a paint studio!! Looks like a fun visit is being had by all--


Sounds like you are enjoying your time in Colorado. The art studio looks like great fun for the artistic types. Enjoy your road trip home to Oregon.


I'm happy to see you and your family ! Great experiences for all of you ! I wish you a gain a good new trip !


What fun! I am putting the do-it-yourself studio idea on my "want to do" list.

Lady Fi

Looks as if you had a wonderful jam-packed time!


Such a lively post, this is! Your canvas and that smile indeed shows what a fun time you had there! The walks... hikes er whatever... looks so very scenic and gorgeous too! Wish you many more such Happy Travels Sallie :)


Have many more great experiences on your travels! The last few days have seemed like magic to me, as I'm driving short distances again!

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