June 15, 2011



oh too funny!!!

Mike B.

Excellent! I'll have to look for that sign when we head to the coast in a few weeks.


Sounds good, if it's not the case you can hit them with the sign ;)


WELL honesty is the best POLICY so I say go for it!! Hope your having a good weekend.

Lady Fi

What a refreshingly honest sign!


I just love this! Very funny. For Margot, they may advertise 'clean' because of all the bedbugs we hear about in hotels. Yuck. :<)


I'm glad your family is keeping their eyes and cameras open for you. That's a fun sign that makes me wonder - why do they have to advertise cleanliness? Are motels in that area often dirty? Actually, I see that sort of advertisement occasionally and it always makes me wonder. Same thing with friendly.

Rita aka Cashjocky

Mostly Friendly?? At least they are honest.

Sallie, hope you are enjoying your travels and have a pleasant and safe journey.

Sally in WA

Good one, Sallie!

Luna Miranda

i wonder about the "usually friendly".:p
but the "always ultra clean" is reassuring.:p


I'd so have to make a remark if I went to check in there.
If they laughed I'd stay. :)
I should join in this meme.
I've missed two great church signs lately by not stopping the first time I saw them.
Last week during really hot temps the local church had this on the church sign - 'it's hotter in hell.' I should have stopped. :)


This is so funny!


Nice find, made me smile!Signs


I like that part where it says USUALLY FRIENDLY :)


Love that retro sign - it has probably been there for 50 years!

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