July 18, 2011



It sounds more fun now than in the old days. people watching is one of my favourite activities too.


I liked what you said about people watching. It's one of the things I enjoy most at events like this. (Actually, Disneyland had great people-watching too.) I'll bet this event had all sorts of free spirits to watch, in addition to the people watching the free spirits.


Hi Sallie, I have had a lovely time this evening reading through your last few blogs. Lots of free spirits at the Fair I think, - it looks like great fun and I was very impressed with the lists of artists and craftspeople exhibiting there. Hope you are enjoying Oregon, - we are not having our usual summer in the west (at least not western Canada) but I can't say I mind these cool, mild days!


Fairs are fun - but often HOT! Love that piece of artwork. I'd have to have a taste of funnel cake...


It seems to be a charming fair ! I like the little girls with their butterflies costumes ! On an old shot, my mother, aged 7, wear one like those ones !


It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Thanks for letting us tag along!


Kinda like a 60's hippy revival.. let the good times roll! Looks like a lota fun!



That looks like a blast - people-watching would definitely be fun there. Nice shots.


love all the tie-dye. the metal artwork is beautiful too!


If there would be no beer on such a fair in Belgium it wouldn't be a family feast, lol ! Beer and wine is not considered as alcohol ! When alcohol is not allowed they mean strong things like Whisky etc.


Must be fun to take the kids there with so much going on. Great shots.

Lady Fi

Oh, I do love fairs! This one looks fun.


I don't think I've ever been to a county fair in the USA... or maybe yes, in St Paul, MN, many years ago, not sure if that was a fair. But it was fun, and this one looks like fun, and I like that people still let their hair down. It doesn't surprise me too much that it's a bit more conservative than in years gone by, but in some ways these are times of extremes that we live in, don't you agree?

Sylvia Kirkwood

Oh, I love fairs!! And what great captures, Sallie! I haven't been to one in a while, but your photos are the next best thing! Hope you have a lovely week!


Clair Z.

What a charming fair. I love the fact that everything disappears at the end of the fair and the land goes back to what it was.


Beautiful images of fair. Wonderful mosaics you ave created with them.

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