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July 21, 2011


Lynette Killam

These are both great pictures, Sallie...that moon is just spectacular! The whole photo looks like a wonderfully done watercolour painting, and of course, the little deer is delightful...:)


I love La Luna!
Beautiful shot of her & of the deer :)

Crafty Green Poet

wonderful moon and a lovely sweet deer

Magical Mystical Teacher

That's a FULL, full moon!


Glowing moon and shining stars,
Venus, Jupiter and Mars,
Planets swirling round the sun;
Darkness falls when day is done.

In the vast and endless sky
Eagle, wren and falcon fly;
Over hill and dale they roam,
Calling cloud and thunder home.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher


Your deer is really lovely ! Thanks for your message Sallie. I hope you'll find soon your translator button ! Enjoy your lake and its beautiful sides !

Tatjana Parkacheva

Nice photos.



Excellent shots. I never knew that about the July moon.


It is lovely and so is that MOON SHOT...awesome!!


I love the moon photo!


Oh Sallie, what an IMMENSE full moon... and yup, that young deer is a sweetie.


I love a full moon
and a sweet little deer

Boom & Gary

That little deer is something!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Beautiful ! I never managed to take a nice picture of the moon !

Lady Fi

What a gorgeous moon!


A gorgeous picture of the moon, Sallie, - it was beautiful here too, but I wasn't able to capture such a great picture of that 'Thunder Moon' Well named!


Both your photos are just lovely signs of life!

Mickie Brown

Sallie, Beautiful shot of the moon--really nice. And, what a cute little guy--something so sweet and endearing about deer (I guess they all remind us of "Bambi")! Have a pleasant weekend. Mickie :)


sweet little thing. and big heavy moon.

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA

Sallie, love the moon photo. So fat and luscious!

Clair Z.

What a wonderful pair of photos!


I love the cute deer and what a great shot of the BIG moon. Wonderful photos, Sallie! Happy skywatching!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Fantastic capture of the moon, Sallie! Gorgeous! And, of course, I love the little deer! What a beauty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


EG Wow

Neat photo of the full moon and great photo of the dear.


Hiya Sallie,

And I wasn't even aware that it was any kind of full moon just now: too many clouds lately.
Very nice to see it hanging there in your serene picture.

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