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July 27, 2011



It looks like the entry of my town ! When I see it I'm always furious !


Ugh, is all I can say!


I'm on the same page as you, Sallie. I am not fond of ANY billboard in principle. Urban blight is what it is. But great post for the meme.

I've been trying to post since yesterday, but get a message: "we can't accept your data"...? Let's see if it works now...


Reminds me of the "busy" over-filled notice-boards one sees in supermarkets...

Clair Z.

This reminds me of those odd pieces of paper that you come across that say (ironically, I guess): "This page left intentionally blank." In a way, this very funny sign-board is just as useful. Great photo, Sallie.


Gosh! This is amusing! I guess, You just nailed it - Visual pollution!!!

Lady Fi

Oh goodness - what is the point of all these signs? Had to giggle though..


Hi Sallie, I can get back into your blog now! I couldn't open any Typepad blogs this last while, my husband even tried on his computer to see if it was a problem with Blogger but he couldn't get in either. All seems to be good now.

I wonder what the point of all these signs, can't see the wood for the trees!

SandyCarlson (USA)

That set of signs must make a good wind breaker. There are signs like that around here that lead to, well, nowhere unless you already know where to go. Perhaps that is the test! Fun post.


Reminds me of a bulletin board with everyone's business cards tacked on it!


That is Def TMI lol


This is great...overkill but it is really BUSY!!! Hard to find just the sign from your car if you are near sighted. It certainly made for a great shot by you. Really fun. GEnie


too funny!


All those signs seem humorous to me, but then I'm not the one looking for directions or information. I'm sure the whole thing was rigged up by the people who live there and already know where everything is.


That's what I observe immediately, how am I going to read all this signs when there is no parking area to stop by. ^_^



Nice photo but the signs a eye pollution.


It does look like a little too much advertisement. I think sometimes these signs and the billboards take away the beauty of the scenery.


I hope these companies didn't pay an arm and a leg to advertise here!

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