July 11, 2011



I love your comment about the color of the grass and your teacher, too funny. Really interesting grasses, great view.


The US is so amazing in the many different climates and natural wonders. These pics are incredible. I love touring around with you!

Mary McDonald

Yep, Nevada is the best kept secret in the US! Everyone thinks it is just a "desert"...hardly. So glad you are enjoying your trip and thanks for sharing such great pictures, have a safe, fun filled time!

Lynette Killam

Oh my goodness...I love these pics! Road trips are just the best...watching the scenery change with every turn of the road always fascinates me. I do hope to get back and explore Colorado further...:)

jeannette StG

Beautiful that reddish grass! It changes the whole atmosphere of the place!


oh that is beautiful! definitely not your typical landscape! gorgeous!


I know what you mean about Nevada. Last year we took Highway 50 - The Loneliest Road in the US. It had it's own beauty and I actually liked the lack of traffic. I like the red grass and the deep blue sky in your photos.

Crafty Green Poet

that's a lovely sight! We have a reddish grass here too, but I've never seen it growing that red!


Mother Natures color pallet is quite diverse.. when the landscape gets boring she changes the ordinary into extraordinary.. and that my friend is exactly what your awesome photos show.

Thanks for my dose of morning beauty, Sallie.. it made me smile :D


Stunning colours and beautiful shots ! It seems it's very hot, isn't it ?

Maria @ LSS

Beautiful sceneries. Happy RT!

Mine's here.


We often travel this route from CO to CA. I know I'm at Winnemucca when I see the big "W" on the hillside! (Better than the "BM" at Battle Mountain!)


Beautiful photos - there's something special about the Nevada desert, even just seen from I-15. My art teachers always failed me as I had no talent - it was the one class that could bring me to tears when I was growing up.


Wow...very rugged yet beautiful.


Stunning landscape and the sky is such a beautiful contrast.

Mona Sweden

Beautiful landscape and beautiful photos.


ITS so colorful!! Love Nevada--its beautiful!!


Same here because we all thought that grass should be green and brown when it's drought time. My first time to see a red grass too and now I could debate to anybody that there is a red grass hehe ^_^
Barn & Cherries are red

Clair Z.

Catchy title, catchy post.


Wow-is it the soil or the heat that causes this???

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