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July 25, 2011


Mickie Brown

Great grandsons--wow! They don't come any cuter than that--love the picture of them sitting in the V of the tree. Bet you all had a great time together. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie :)

Clair Z.

These pictures are wonderful, Sallie. Love that first one!


These images of four generations of your family taking a walk in the woods just makes my heart smile, Sallie.


Glad they get to experience that & how awesome to be able to do this with your 'Great-Grand kids' - wow!


That looks like a really fun day.


I can vouch for the SC heat..although right this very moment we just had a nice thunderstorm so its cooled for the rest of the night I HOPE...
Nice to have Family visiting!


Oh - I love these little boy pics, Sallie! You're so lucky to have the generations together. We had Bob's Dad earlier this month, and I took the 4 generations photo. It's still pleasant here in the mountains of CO, too - wildflowers are abundant.


They are so cute! The top composition is fantastic, I really like it.

Sally in WA

Nice post, Sallie. What cute great-grandsons!


Your great grand sons look so beautiful and interested by what they saw ! Have a great time with them ! Here the weather is like in Oregon ! Cool and rainy ! Usually, it's hot and dry...

SandyCarlson (USA)

What a delightful time. Those look like some sweet kids!

Mama Zen

Cute pictures!

Boom & Gary

Great outing for them and you. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


They are adorable - what a great family! But "great-grandkids" ? Double wow! That's awesome.


Lovely family photos-I looked at a "heat" map of the USA at the weekend. You are certainly in the best place!


Wonderful shots. It is fun when kids are artound.


Great family shots. Glad you aren't dealing with the heat. I wish we could get some of your cool weather here.


Lovely photos!


i love that first shot of the two little heads in caps. so precious!


Sallie, your great grandsons are so cute. I am sure they had a great time laying in the creek. Wonderful photos.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Love the smiles! How fun for all of you! Love your photos, Sallie! Such cute little guys!! Hope you have a great week!


EG Wow

Cute kids! I be the boys are enjoying the cooler weather. I know I would. :)

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