August 29, 2011


Mickie Brown

Hi Sallie, What a lovely photo of Cape Hatteras--such a beautiful beach. Yes, we all need to be thankful when life gives us a little calmness and serenity---it can all be taken away in an instant. I'm always amazed at the resilience of people and how they can "bounce back" after a disaster--takes a lot of courage and faith to rebuild your life and go on. Have a lovely weekend. Mickie :)


Hi Sallie, I am glad your weather is great in Oregon. I love the shot of the sailboats and the shot of Hatteras. They both look like awesome places to visit or live. Thanks for stopping by and just a little note the national Georgraphic mag is online also.


I agree with your message of gratefulness. Calm and peace are great gifts when you look at what the opposite brings. As usual, your pictures are lovely.


It sure is true that "no news, is good news"... so not having news is something to be grateful for. Lovely Oregon photos, Sallie.

SandyCarlson (USA)

The Hatteras shot has me missing Carolina! Beautiful images. I am glad you joined us on Our World.


A lovely post. Your photos show such a beautiful world, I too think of all those who are affected by the hurricanes.


A beautiful posting, both words and pictures.


Both shots are beautuful! What a lovely beach that is.


Love the Hatteras beach photo with the waving grasses in the foreground. I never got to the Oregon coast but we did drive through the Eastern farm belt, it was hot, hot, hot ... and the air conditioning was not working...!


It's so sad for many people who lived in these hurrican touched parts of our world.


I love Oklahoma but have to admit, Oregon is very nice also.

sandra carlier

Your world is just a paradise! Sea, sun and sail! What else,! It looks a little like my place here at the coast, south of France!


Beautiful views and sentiments..Last night was only 6C here, and it's been a cold, windy and wet Bank Holiday weekend!!!

Martha Z

I tracked down the new meme through Sandy's website. I was surprised when I went to link and found the old one closed. I'm so glad they decided to keep it up even if it does have a new name and URL.
I've been out of the loop, at the cabin, home a few days and now in LA to watch Michael while his parents take a vacation.
Will you stay in Oregon until the end of hurricane season?


It sounds silly but I had tears as I read this. Maybe because I'm so very grateful today.
For thirty years we lived within an hour's drive or so from Hatteras. One year while vacationing we had to leave and fortunately were able to go back and then we were in the midst of Isabel.
Our daughter spent this weekend in the dark in Virginia hoping Irene wouldn't be as bad as expected. We are grateful that it wasn't. A mere loss of power is something she can overcome easily.
The people of Carolina are a hardy bunch and will pick up and carry on - I'm always amazed, but they always do.
That last shot is very serene and soothes my soul.

Lady Fi

Both places look beautiful!


so true. and i loved your statement about not being smug - just grateful...

Sylvia Kirkwood

We do have the best of the best in the northwest, don't we, Sallie!! Marvelous captures for the day! So glad you are joining "Our World" and look forward to seeing more of yours in the coming weeks! Enjoy!


Kay Davies

I've always loved the Oregon coast, and I've long wanted to visit Cape Hatteras, but haven't. Beautiful photos.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

aka Penelope

One of the best holidays I ever had was a trip along the Oregon Coast. I remember waves from the open sea slapping dramatically against the huge rocks and sandy shore. What a fantastic sight to see. The little shops along our way were charming and the people were warm and wonderful. Thanks for bringing back great memories with this visit to your world. :)


Yes Sally, there is so much for us to be grateful foreach and every day, even in the hardest of times. Your world looks about as idyllic as it can get while lives are lost in natural disaster around the globe and we can only pray for those in need and doubly appreciate the moment of peace and beauty we ourselves enjoy.

Beautiful photos and thank you for your comment. I felt I had captured a moment in heaven in my second shot. No idea how that happened, it just did.


Beautiful images of beautiful country. They will come back in NC. I have the Oregon Coast on my to do list!


Beautiful scenery.


That's a beautiful shot from Cape Hatteras and also from Oregon.


So many places to see and travel. I have a lot of good stories about the Oregon Coast. I should pencil this down for my hot spot vacation places.

The cool ocean breeze would help alleviate our 3 digit temps!


wish i could see both areas you are showing today.


Beautiful, watery shots. I've never been to either area you're showing this week, but I'd love to visit both!

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life

Great shots. What a beautiful world :)


I have never been to either OR or NC, but after seeing yours (and may others) photo I think I might have to get myself an RV and drive down, and out!

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