August 17, 2011



This sign says it all. Never a morning without coffe.


I couldn't agree more! :-) Great find.


It's too a wonderful life during coffee !


I can testify to the truth of that statement
I love how you composed the scene :)


I'm with the coffee crowd!


I love a cup of strong, black coffee. Unfortunately I can't drink it anymore.


A fun saying. We are about to head out in Sydney's awful weather and find a coffee and I hope life (weather) will be better after.


One of the reasons that I go down to the Lock Coffee Shop!


Drinking my coffee as I read this and I couldn't agree more with the sign.

Hey, birthday girl.....have a great day. It's been a pleasure getting to know you through blogging and fb. Tried to leave this b-day greeting on fb, but for some reason fb wasn't cooperating this morning.

Have to agree with Marilyn in the above comment, I have trouble leaving comments on some of my favorite blogs, too.

May your birthday be as lovely as you, my friend.



Hi Sallie, I love all these signs that you find and show here. We don't have very many interesting signs around this area.
I would like to thank you for your email and lovely comments. There is something very odd and frustrating going on between Blogger and Typepad. I have been having problems leaving comments too at times.


That's a great sign. I feel much better after having my coffee.


Love it! All coffee drinkers will agree ;-)

Mickie Brown

Hi Sallie, I'm just not a coffee drinker unless it has lots, and I do mean lots, of sugar and cream in it (and then it really isn't coffee anymore). No, I wasn't in Kansas when I took that hibiscus shot--it was at the San Diego Zoo. Hibiscus actually do very well here in the summer, and you'll find then everywhere in big pots on people's patios. I've even brought them inside in the winter-they lose all their leaves and look terrible, but when you put them outside again in the Spring, they "spring" back to life and look great all summer. Have a terrific weekend. Mickie :)


That sums it up in a nut shell.


Sometimes I'm weak. I wake up and 5:15am thinking I'm going to go running, but I think, it'd be nice to have a cup of coffee.

Lady Fi

I totally agree!

Luna Miranda

i agree, i agree!:p

Judy Friend

Great sign!


I drink a lot of coffee. With me life is also wonderful before the coffee.


great sign! Coffee lover here :)
Found your blog from Signs, Signs. Hope you like my entry. Have a nice day ahead.


Interesting capture! Feel like picking up my coffee mug right now!


Love it!


That's a good one - and I don't even drink coffee!


What a great sign for all of us coffee lovers. Louis LaVache needs to see this one. Wonderful contribution this week. genie

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