August 08, 2011



I never saw dogwoods and like a lot the white ones 8 Thanks !


Hi Sallie, I do not remember seeing these dogwoods in the places that I hike or gardens that I visit. They are so pretty! I should keep these flowers in mind. Maybe I have seen them but I did not recognize them.

Jeannette St G

Oh lovely flowers of the dogwood! Also stopping by because my computer fried last weekend, and took a week to get a new one, so I could not reply to your comment - have a great weekend!


Beautiful flowery trees.


The Pacific dogwood (Cornus nuttallii) was adopted in 1956 as British Columbia's floral emblem. It's been a long time since I've seen a dogwood in bloom, though, so long that I can't recall ever seeing a pink one! Gorgeous!


Dogwood blooming now? I guess it is a different variety or maybe it is just a lot cooler in your part of Oregon.


Lovely photos to see on a very dull, wet day in UK Midlands!


These are absolutely beautiful, Sallie, and to have them abloom in August is such a treat! We have them here in spring and early summer. Is the white a Kousa dogwood? We are seeing them more and more in this neck of the woods. They remind me of an old fashioned bridal wreath.


I'm used to dogwoods that only bloom in late April, early May. What a treat to have them in the summer. It must be one of those advantages of Oregon's weather. Beautiful weather.


Those are really NICE! The points are so Pointed...We have lots of dogwood here it grows wild...not the pink but the white..

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - we had a dog-wood in the garden for a few years - but in the end the drought got it! So its nice to see some more!

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia


I love the dogwoods too, Sallie. They are both beautiful blooms. I hope you have agreat week and as always thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Lady Fi

So very lovely!

Luna Miranda

flowers can really transform a street, the entire area. beautiful blooms.


I especially like it when other gardeners do all the work for us to enjoy!
The dogwood does look lush.


the pink dogwood is just beautiful.

Mickie Brown

Sallie, I understand completely when you call yourself a "fallen away" gardener--it just becomes too much work sometimes. Thank goodness for those young, dedicated gardeners that can "carry on". The dogwood are lovely. A very few "sheltered" ones live in Wichita--it is just TOO hot here for them. Hope your week is off to a good start. Mickie :)

Boom & Gary

Beautiful flowers!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Dina J

Beautiful flowers! I miss dogwood. We had them in our yard in Atlanta.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Love the beautiful dogwoods and what a wonderful look at your very lovely world! Hope you have a great week, Sallie! Enjoy!



Beautiful dogwoods and nice photos.


Lovely dogwoods. Just beautiful! My World seems to have a problem today, so I'm checking in with folks who leave a comment!


Wonderful Dogwoods Sallie.

I emailed Sylvia but she could not fix it and tried to get in touch with Klaus and Sandy without luck. No use stressing, it will get up some time . . .


The dogwoods are lovely. I saw your comment on my world, the link that's up is from last week. Apparently the new one didn't go up on time. This has happened before but hopefully will be straightened out soon.


wow. those ARE gorgeous!

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