August 12, 2011



A wonderful post and a very beautiful black and white picture.
Well done, Sallie.


Love Magnolias!!!


I love the smell of magnolia!
Lovely shot!

Lady Fi

What a gorgeous shot!


What a beautiful shot, Sallie ! I do the same thing than you : I like to look at the houses where I lived, but with no regrets. I like to know tey are living an other life, like me !

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - thanks for visiting my blog - glad it made you laugh!

The third and final part of my Magnetic Island story should be up soon.

I have been away this weekend and hive tried some black and white, so you may see some of that over the next week as well.

Like the flowers in this post. Splendid shots.
Cheers Stewart M


I love the patterns and texture in this one - had to read to actually realize it was a Magnolia.


Awesome shot! Magnolia blooms are fantastic.


I love Magnolia blossoms. Lovely shot.


Our magnolias here are a little different... smaller blossoms, I'd say... but this is a beaut! And no, you're not the only ones who drive by houses once lived in. :-)


They are such huge flowers. Great shot. We often pass our first house, Unfortunately it has gone to rack and ruin.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Nice composition.



We do that too Sallie. Mainly I suppose because my best girlfriend was my backyard neighbor. This last time I was a little sad in that the new owners had neglected a lot of things in the four years since they moved in. Change is one thing but neglect is unforgiveable. :)
Lovely B&W shot!

Clair Z.

How wonderful that the magnolia is still thriving. We always go by our old houses--actually, we can see them on Google Street View and I look at them there.


i still do that too - only if i'm already passing by.

(and no, no rain here... back to 103 today...)


I pass my old homes in Brooklyn each time I'm there :)

I love how the B&W makes me so much more aware of all the folds and delicious texture


Oh, I love magnolias! Lovely shapes in this photo.


Great B&W shot. Now you're bringing back some memories - the house in Holland where I grew up had a beautiful magnolia tree in the back yard. There wasn't room for much else!


This is the tree I learned as "magnolia" when I was a child. It was a very long time before I realized that there was any other kind! (And you're not the only ones who revisit former homes--I do, too!)

lina@home sweet home

The light is beautiful :)


Beautiful shot of the magnolia blossom.

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