August 14, 2011


Gently Mad

It certainly is pretty,poor bees. Thanks for visiting my site. Hope you enjoy the omnibuses!


I never saw these flowers and nobody can guess they are poisonous !


These look quite lovely, Sallie, if poisonous to herds. You do a service posting this here for others to take notice. We have garlic mustard (or is it mustard garlic) growing rampant here. A vacant lot next to us doesn't help the situation as they are so prolific there they are crowding out the creeping Jenny!

Lady Fi

What gorgeous pools of yellow. Such a shame it's harmful to horses and others.


I'd call that dayglow yellow.
I wonder if it is a native or introduced. Invasive, non-native species are a problem everywhere but natives, even ones that are toxic, often play an important role in the environment.

Joe Todd

Nice post Sallie


Don't judge a book by its cover... :-) It's beautiful anyway.

Laura Hegfield

love that fuzzy little fellow you captured among the mellow yellow!


Well, they sure the heck are beautiful!
Wonder if it's native to that area?

lina@home sweet home

Pretty poison indeed...
What happened to the bee next?


These are lovely.

Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC


It seems to be coming back big time too - such a lush amount of blooms!
Should I say your poison is pretty? :)


it seems too pretty to be so harmful!


We have noxious weeds where I live too, and you're supposed to keep them under control by law. But it can be a challenge, especially when the neighbors don't seem to care, as is the case here. Nice photos.


They may be poison but they surely are pretty too. That's a shame that it's lethal to cows and horses.


We have a similar plant called tansy. Its flowers grow in a flat cluster and do not have petals. I don't know if it is dangerous to livestock, however.

Very pretty, though!


Im pretty sure I pulled some of that up this weekend when I was trimming the edge of the yard...Didnt know it was Poisonous to herds---We have "rattle box" or Crotalaria that is also poisonous to horses---but is also a Very pretty yellow Plant!


Yes, it's the same with the Camomile Daisy in CO - grows..."like a weed." Though I have mostly eradicated it from my property, it spreads from all my neighbors, so I must begin anew each spring.


One bee's honey is another horse's poison... oh, that's not how the expression goes...? I still think they are pools of sunshine.

[Sallie, I've changed to another email address, but the one you have for me still works. :-) ]


Simply beautiful, Sallie! Happy MYM to you! Have a great week!


it does make for a nice bright patch, though!

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