September 27, 2011



Canada geese arrive in France (and I suppose in all european countries). How , I don't know but it seems to be a problem ! Why ? I don't know too, but I'll try to know !

NatureFootstep Birds

the first shot is stunning. Lovely with the mist and the birds in the sky. :)

Lady Fi

What wonderful shots - that first one in particular. I hear you about the goose poop though!


I think I will become a lyricist, here is the refrain : poo poop a poop! My sympathy, we had a magnificent peacock . . . he loved to haunt the back door, peacocks are omnivorous, it was like stepping in pig you-know-what! Now we have a resident goose, at least it feeds on mainly grass.


We have the same issues here. I love Canadian Geese but we have so many and at times they stop traffic walking across street and the poop can be pretty overwhelming on lake paths. Great shots of them in this post.


I feel the same way about these birds. They can be a pain at our local parks. I really like your first photo!


The first photo is so beautiful! I love to hear them when they pass overhead.


That first photo is a masterpiece pure and simple.
We have geese visit occasionally on our river front but since we leave the bank natural with tall grass along the shoreline the C.geese apparently assume predators lurk there and stay far away from the yard, thank goodness for that.
Cheers to you Sallie!


Beautiful post Sallie, and the first photo is simply a dream!


I could imagine the sounds of the flock of birds as they fly bay. The first shot is gorgeous: misty, mysty...

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - A bird’s got to do what a bird’s got to do! But I often wish they would do it elsewhere.

Nice set of pictures.

Stewart M


May I share these with you, Sallie:
This busy, but narrow road in Jersey can grind to a halt for ages, as the geese leave their field and pond for a walk along the road.I've known this to be going on for years...

Hilke Breder

Lovely photo of the geese in the evening sky! They are still migrating in the Northeast and I love hearing their honking as they fly overhead. But I feel for you. I know what a meadow looks like after the geese have left.

SandyCarlson (USA)

Beautiful geese! I wonder if they could be trained to poop in one spot! I do admire their freedom to poop as they please, where they please.


I agree with the love/hate relationship with the Canadas. They stay year round here in northern California. Over all, I do love to see and hear them go honking by.


We have a similar dilemma here in the Midwest, Sallie. Goose goo everywhere and permanent residents. We often hear their cousins, higher up the sky, their primal sounds late at night, but, we have squatters as well. I do love to see them coming in for a landing, though.


Ha! Sallie I know how you are feeling. We have geese here that do not migrate. And the mess can be pretty bad. I enjoyed your photos though are pretty. The first one is my favorite. Have a great day!

Clair Z.

Canada geese are even "staying behind" up in the cold winters of New Hampshire! Same poop problem, too. Nice baby geese photos.


Beautiful looking birds but I wouldn't like the mess they leave behind.


I know what you mean. We had wild ducks in our fish pond at our last house and they were really cute until you stepped into the 'stuff' they left!

Boom & Gary

Good series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Modesto Viegas

Great landscape!!!


i only get to see them as flyovers here, so i probably love them a lot more romantically than you do, having to deal with their waste directly!


Haha Sallie.... Dog owners can poop and scoop natures wonders just do it when ready.
A lovely read....take care xx

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