September 05, 2011



A wonderful world you share with us ! Thanks to you !


These are the only grebes we see around here though I've seen the Western Grebe elsewhere in California.

Crafty Green Poet

I like the effect in the waxwing photo, looks like an oil painting! Grebes are lovely birds, I think most species carry their babies on their backs at least sometimes, always wonderful to see and capture on film!


Oh, that is exciting. I have always wanted to see a swan or duck with babies on her back.I always seem to miss out.

Hilke Breder

Cool pictures, Sallie! I love the one with the little chick on the grebe's back, also the one with the whole family. The Cedar Waxwing shot looks like a painting. I like it!


I love that top shot of the Grebe family - glad you got outside for the capture. But those gray, dreary days are nice for reading!


I love the family pic
so sweet

If you were up here we could have days of reading - and I suggest a little drinking - it will be rainy all week


Sallie, I happen to like the way your cropped photo turned out, its artistic!
Love Mamas feathery baby ride.


Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - nice picture of the grebe - and I like the paint by number comment!

It's great to be outside - but sometimes you just need to be indoors!

Stewart M - Australia


I love photographing birds, but I can never find my pictures in the books for identification. So I just keep in shooting and posting in hopes folk will tell me what I am shooting. Three lovely sots. Nice work. genie

SandyCarlson (USA)



So sweet that the babybird is riding on the mothers back. Great post!


Lovely post. I like especially the first photo:)


Yes, it is a wonderful world and I'm realizing that once again as I come out of my year-long funk.

The cedar waxwing photo at first looked like needle point to me. I thought maybe you were sharing another of your talents with us.

Thanks for sharing photos and info about the grebe family. Is it safe to assume grebes are ducks? Are ducks birds? I have a lot to learn, don't I?

Happy day to you. donna


Fabulous shots, it's so good that you went out with your camera. How lovely that the mother bird gives the wee ones rides on her back.


Excellent post. Yep, that is why we go outside, to see the unexpected. I have never seen that behavour where a young duckling gets up on its mothers back. Cool to see it here! Cheers!


Lovely images of the Pied-bill family Sallie.... we had one over here last november (blown over by storms) the first seen in the UK for 8 years. It caused quite a sensation.
Waxings are always lovely to see... and you have your record shot to prove it.
Take care...


Nice bird shots. I love going outside too.


I can relate to not wanting to move much. But like you, when I go out, I'm always happy I did. You were rewarded with some sweet surprises, Sallie.

Esther Garvi

Yes, it's truly a beautiful world out there! Thanks for sharing!!

Sally in WA

Cool sighting! I love the bit about piggy backing. I have never seen that done before.


We've had rain for two days now and it is hard to even get outside. I think you've hit the nail on the head for me Sallie, I have to get out more. I see blogs with posts of birds, a snail, a woodland flower and wish I had photos of my own and then realize I have to go OUT in search of it if I want it. :)
Glad you got the grebe and babies in their leafy abode and great reflections too.
I know we are all smiling about your paint by number comparison. Knowing this is a SOOC shot and no post processing makes it more wonderful. :)


Wonderful photos, Sallie, I even like the paint by number! I noticed the piggy-back babies in the first shot before I studied the photos or read your narrative, and I though of loons. I'm glad you didn't let me continue in my ignorance! Now I know that other birds carry their babies sometimes...:-)


Hello Sallie,
I think I also have to get outside to see or discovr beauty of nature like you. The first photo is very lovely. The admirable babies follow mother.
Thank you for sharing about cute birds.


What a lovely family! The top shot is great.


Thanks for sharing the details on how the mother carries the little ones, that is so nice.


It sure is a wonderful world out there. This series of shots are terrific.


Loved the post and its good to know something more about these adorable birds as well! I completely agree, every once in a while, we need to get outside... it really is a wonderful world out there! Thanks for sharing with us that wonderful beauty :)


Good that you went out !
BTW "Our World" is on my main blog "Writer Cramps"


pretty cool capture.


Beautiful shots of the bird.


We don't see many of the waxwings around here. They are beautiful. I have seen cardinals feeding each other and it just takes your breath away, doesn't it?


Yes, it truly is a wonderful world out there! My grebes carry their babies on their backs as well. We have a pair of resident Little Grebes. They are such fun to watch and listen to. Aren't those babies a little late in the season?


Lovely photos of the Grebes and how great to get one with the baby on the back.

Jenn Jilks

You have such amazing photos, and great trips! Glad to visit virtually! Still working on the damn pond...at a barrier.


oh, i adore pied-billed grebes! we've had one or two winter with us these past two winters, but i'm always sad when they leave us to go north in spring. LOVE those babies!!!


THAT is an adorable photo with baby riding on moms back and the other following--I like the paint by number look its very cool!!

Kay Davies

I like your paint-by-numbers waxwing! It would look nice done in needlepoint. My mother would have loved to do that.
And the mother Grebe carrying her babies is just too much for this old softie. Happy tears in my eyes.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Hello Sallie, I just love your Grebes. I do not see them often here. Love the piggy bacc photo. The Waxwings are beautiful birds and have been a favorite of mine too. I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy the walk.

aka Penelope

I love the first capture with the birds in the reeds, reminding me a little of some types Oriental art. I know what you mean about the camera. I rarely leave the house without mine anymore … just in case a scene triggers that urge to shoot a fleeting moment in time!

EG Wow

I'm glad yoi decided to go outside.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I'm glad you went out, too! Love the beautiful photos you were able to get. But it is great to have a day with a book!! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Enjoy!


Boom & Gary

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


We should enjoy the outdoors line these beautiful creatures too!


I love days when I can curl up with a good book. Glad you got out though and took these wonderful shots. The reflections are great and the waxwing is also such a fun bird.

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