September 02, 2011


Red Nomad OZ

The obelisk detail is unbelievable! And perfectly set off by the black & white.

Thanx so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!

Sally in WA

Love this post! Of course I enjoy those Oregon bridges. :)


That's a fantastic bridge and photographed so well.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots! That obelisk is gorgeous!

Joe Todd

Great post Sallie. Love Wikipedia and google. Haven't been doing much lately was having trouble with side effects from blood pressure medicine. Doctor changed medication and seem to be doing better. To put it in perspective, I haven't taken a photo in over a month.. LOL |Hope you are having a great Labor Day


That is a splendid bridge. I only learnt what a bascule bridge was when I was recently in Chicago, where they have many in the city, but not as gracious as this lady.


What a wonderful bridge with great history. My husband loves bridges, I know he would love to visit your country to see all the bridges you have.


Oh, how I would LOVE to see this bridge up close. It is wonderful....I really could not believe my eyes when I first started looking at it. You did a great job with the photography. So much to see and enjoy. Beautiful composition. genie


That's a fine bridge, and I LOVE the Art Deco obelisks! Good photo of the detail.


The Deco obelisks are fantastic! They make the bridge look so different from others.


What a beautiful bridge! I love the detail on the obelisks. Great angle for this shot!


The bridge looks beautiful, the only trouble is, I don't like black and white pictures ! reminds me when there were no photos in color, lol !

Crafty Green Poet

what an impressive beidge design, the obelisks are very nice!


Nicely captured, that looks like a very solid bridge. I've never been to Florence OR, but I've been to Florence, Italy once. I'll have to post those photos one of these days!

J Bar

wonderful infrastructure


That is a fantastic bridge! Built when appearance and structured mattered, not another sterile, boring structure.


That's a cool art deco obelisk. Glad you showed the close-up. It certainly adds character to this already handsome bridge. I like how you framed the far view from the shore, Sallie, and it looks good in monochrome (I might have tried giving it a little more contrast, but I can see some details could be lost).


I suspected in that first photo you posted that there was a lift section where it was green.
Very cool that the obelisks are not just decorative but functional. It was smart planning to hide the ugly parts. :)
A good revisit to this wonderful bridge Sallie!


Thanks for the visit to my blog....you asked me where we put down our prawn traps....I live on Vancouver Island and the spot we go to is only about a 15 min drive away and then about 15 min boat ride..in Bayne Sound. Oysters and prawns are pretty good and can be bountiful....we go crabbing on the West coast of Vancouver Island where we go fishing in Ucluelet.

I love your photos...very dramatic!

SandyCarlson (USA)



It would be a joy to come upon and pass underneath this beautiful bridge


This is a beautiful bridge. I would not have guessed from the photo, but your description tells me it's a drawbridge...is that right? Really interesting, thanks!


I like the old school bridges and how the decorated them.

Laura Hegfield

beautiful photos Sallie


Thank you! Art Deco is my favourite period. I think if I had a choice to two routes, I would be going out of my way to make sure I could cross this bridge.

Martha Z

A lot of wonderful detail in this bridge and other public works of the time.


really neat!


Thanks for the closer look. What a magnificent bridge. So, this came out of FDR's New Deal and public works projects. There are so many of these structures that we pass over and under and don't realize that they came out of the Depression Era programs. Thanks for sharing this, Sallie.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Very good photos.


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