September 29, 2011


Mulberry Alexa

Very, very nicely done!

SandyCarlson (USA)

That blue is very beautiful!

Jackie from Yorkshire, UK

An interesting way to build a fence, are they pipes or cans? It could double as a habitat for certain kinds of wildlife too. The gates are great.
I forgot to tell you last week, we have an internet alternative for recycling now, it's called 'Freegle' - one way to beat the Euro twits, people advertise their 'Wants,' others advertise their surplus to requirements as 'Offered' - everything is free and good stuff doesn't go to waste. I got a perfectly good freezer that way, hubby got a brand new strimmer, just to mention a couple of things.

Mike B.

Super cool fence (at least I think that's what it is)!

Mickie Brown

Sallie, Love that first shot (maybe it's the sunflowers)!!! I truly am amazed at how creative people can be and what they can make out of "trash". Have a great weekend. Mickie ;)


Nice shots, I'm glad you found some blue skies.


I always enjoy all the wonderful scenes and unique places you take us to. I love the recycled fence. You were right it would be perfect for Jan's new Friday's Fences meme. You should link to it.

Thanks for the info, Sallie. You were not the only one having a problem commenting.

be happy and Well,


Beautiful to see.. take care.


What a great decorative fence. I'm not able to compost because of the wildlife. Even if it was bear-proof, it would draw them onto my property.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Nice shots.

Regards and best wishes


I am sitting here admiring that gate, the sky, and that wall - it almost looks like a beehive.


I think we could learn a bunch from your recycling center.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - good to see you are "keeping on message" about the RRR (do you have the forth "R" for "refuse" - as in not using the plastic bags they offer at shops?)

Cheers - SM


You know how I'm feeling about blue skies these days! Another storm (typhoon Nalgae) is headed this way, so I'm enjoying the sun while it's here. Some of my American friends did hear about our mess with typhoon Nesat this week on the news, so I guess it depends on your news sources.


Love that sunflower wall!

Lady Fi

Love the gate in that last shot!

Joanne Cipressi

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing! :) Love the gate!


I like these creative uses of recycles items - especially that fence.

Jay and I are roaming around (without the Fiifth) and came up to Oregon to see Crater Lake. We've been watching the weather and wanted to get here when the sky is blue. It was and the lake was magnificent. I too love blue skies.


What caught my eye is the alternating colors of the barrels. At a distance, they look like a painting on the wall!

missing moments

Great recycling ... love the sunflowers and gate!

SandyCarlson (USA)

Very beautiful place, and no doubt about it!


That gate is really neat looking. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Have a great weekend.


That recycling center is so rich in photographic material. I love the sunflowers and gate. We've had a lot of gray too so anytime there's a glimpse of blue I jump out with my camera.

Clair Z.

Love the creative use of recycled materials!


Beautiful! The gate is incredible. I could spend hours and hours looking at unique gates!


What a beautiful fence!!! And the gate is simply incredible!!! Have you heard of a meme called Friday Fences?

Martha Z

Very artistic for a recycling center. Looks like you grey is soon to change to rain. Just in time for our visit to the Elizabethan Theater in Ashland!


hmm. not so impressed with the fence...

Lindy MacDuff

What a pretty sky! We don't see very many blue ones in central Indiana (cloudy most all the time). Who knew recycling could be so artistic and pleasing to the eyes? =)

Thanks for your nice comment about my Columbia River photo. If you're interested, I have a few more at the link I posted (below with the information requested on your comment form.)


Lovely captures, Sallie! I see my favorite sunflowers there and a pretty blue sky. Happy skywatching and have a great weekend!


I love the gate in the second shot, and the blue sky of course:)


Great shots for SWF!I love sunflowers!Have a nice weekend!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Beautiful skies and terrific captures! Amazing what creative things they can make out of recycled things, isn't it? I think it's wonderful! Hope you enjoy your weekend! We're having a gorgeous day in Seattle today and it looks as though it will be the last one for a while!!


Boom & Gary

Great post Sallie!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Lovely shots! Happy sky watching.

Storm Surge
Full Moon

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