September 20, 2011



Gracious, the little guy is hanging around in thorny territory!
It's remarkable how birds seem to know just where to plant their feet when they land. :)

Crafty Green Poet

what a beautiful pattern that bird has in its plumage!

Lady Fi

What a delightful bird - and such a cute name too!


Such a sweet tweet, Sallie. Nice capture, birds can be a challenge.. those wings are fast in flight.

be well and happy,

Jeannette St G

And his little red eye managed to avoid the thorns on the branches:)


They are listed as Rufous-sided Towhees in my beloved Field Guide printed in the early 70's. It is confusing when the "powers that be" change the names.
Be a Spotted or an Eastern...your shot are super!

missing moments

Great capture! He's a good looking guy!


It's so cute! I love the way it seems to watch you:)


(loved your description of springman. so true!)

cute little towhee! so colorful.

Boom & Gary

Beautiful looking bird especially with that red eye!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

NatureFootstep Birds

nice bird.


Cute birds! :-)

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - Nice pictures of the birds - they must be hell to ID when you don’t get a good view!

Cheers SM


A lovely little bird to see...so cute.


Great photos of a beautiful little bird.


Wonderful shots Sallie! The towhee is a great subject and I'm glad your seeing them again. Cheers to you!


I have a lot of them in my yard. Great shots. They are fun to watch and also listen to. They have one of the few bird calls I recognize.


Sallie, your Towhee is a beautiful bird. Cool looking red eye. Have a great evening.

Larry Jordan

Oops. Looking closer at your photos, this is the Spotted Towhee of the west isn't it?

Larry Jordan

Nice shots of the Towhee Sallie. This used to be called the Rufous-sided Towhee but that species was split into the Spotted Towhee in the west and the Eastern Towhee you have here in the eastern U.S. Don't you love how they keep changing bird's names?

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