September 12, 2011



You sure know how to live! What a good, good time you have. Eating on a boat seems like something out of 1920s England.

Denise Gullickson

I'm so glad the fire is contained, for everyone and everything's sake. Your photos are lovely, the ones on the river look so peaceful.


Sorry to here about the fires in your region, we have had a few here recently as well though on a much smaller scale than in the states.
Your lake looks to be a wonderful place to be able to go and quietly reflect.
Thankyou so much for your recent comment and welcome to SWF, I will not be posting every week due to the nature of my blogs mixed content. I do hope you will be back to share our little piece of Italy.


Beautiful reflections in the large photo!


I'm glad the fire is contained
all of this destruction is so disturbing

your photos are great as always :)

Clair Z.

Oh, not fires in Oregon, too! This has been such a difficult summer for so many. I'm glad you got out to enjoy some tranquility.


Such a transition from your first shot to your last....cloudy and smoke filled to the clear beautiful water with all of its reflections. I didn’t think it ever got warm in Oregon....when we were there one May we almost froze to death. Canon Beach was divine, but I never took of my heavy winter jacket. Maybe what you all call want we here in VA call cold. Loved your photos. So pretty.


The fires are dreadful and I do hope that they are brought under control quickly, but I love your photo showing the smoke haze. What a wonderful way to explore the lake. I like it that you stopped for a peaceful meal break. I never really liked boating, my parents had a catamaran and I always felt shut in, or wind-blasted, but your photos show a very gentle side of boating.


Good news to hear the fires are nearly contained.
I LOVE that last shot! It does look so peaceful and that reflection is wonderful. The shape of the clouds make it appear that still water is moving in the center.:)


Fires are such a big problem in summer. However, the photo is stunning! Also like the reflections in the river.


What a difference a day makes... Smoke is not good, but the photo (imagining fog for a moment) is like a painting!


That's a lovely place, it's a shame about the smoke. We had smoke this summer for several days too.


Fires are terrible, I always think of the poor animals in the woods, the trees and the nature. The smoke must be terrible !


This looks like such an idyllic spot to stop and rest a bit and eat. Just beautiful. Hopefully the fires have remained contained, Sallie.


I'm happy to know that the fires ended ! It's so a pity ! Twenty years ago when I lived in Marseilles I was always afraid by fires during summer ! I remenber hot days, and smoke all over the city and the sound of fire-planes above us : they came to bring water just int he sea and went back to pour it on the burning forests . So sad !

Judy Friend

Hi Sallie, I hope the log at the bow of your boat is not your anchor? Only kidding. The fires all over the country is just horrible. Hope you and Bill are having a great time and look forward to seeing you when you return. As usual the weather is hot and humid here. Not as much rain as I was expecting. Stay safe. Jude


I love the top photo, the smoke gives it a soft eerie feeling. What a great way to spend the day relaxing on the lake living life to its fullest.


It's nice to see and read about relaxing, I could use a break right about now!!


A lovely post and the smoke in the air makes for interesting pictures although the reason for it is to be deplored and very dangerous indeed. Late sumer with everything tinder dry is no time for a wildfire

Crafty Green Poet

The fires are awful, but the smoke makes a pretty mist, that top photo is lovely. The last photo is lovely too, such a pretty scenic shot


that is adventurous, an outing in boat.

Lady Fi

Thank goodness the fires have been contained. Love the relaxing water shots.


We have had smoky skies, too, but not as much as you, and the source fires are in Washington. Coyote Creek is very pleasant!

Thanks for the comment on my flower shots. It's a good idea, if my friends agree. But I will have to put my pics at their roadside stand!

missing moments

That first photo is awesome! I'm glad to hear your fires are almost contained. What a peaceful place to reflect.


we had the smoke here in texas last week too. not pleasant. but that top photo is beautiful!

Jenn Jilks

The environment has been having a tough time. Love your stories and photos! Thanks for visiting. The pond is DONE!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - that looks a great place just to drift along.

Glad to hear that the fires are coming under control.

Cheers - SM


I love that first shot and the lake shots, Sallie. What a beautiful place. I hope everyone stays safe from the fires.


Although sad about the fires in your world, the picture shows a silhouette of the mountains.

Nice to be on that boat to cool off...

Kay Davies

The picnic in the boat sounds like a wonderful idea. Sigh.
It's getting to be autumn here. When I let the dog out this morning, I noticed plenty of yellow leaves on our trees, and today is nice and cool with a light breeze. Perfect for walking the dog in a little while.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Jackie from Yorkshire

Lovely relaxing way to spend a day, I hope the fires are all put out soon. Lovely photo's of a tranquil setting.


I have never been near any wildfires, but they sure sound scary.

Boom & Gary

Great post!! I hope those fires are going into remission. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Birgitta - foto CHIP

That's a pity with the fire. I feel so sorry about all the animals. But your boat trip must have been relaxing in that nice landscape.
Take care!


I always hate to see wildfires. Most of this summer has been pretty free of fires here in California but currently there are several in Kern County.


Good to hear the fires are mostly contained now. Great shots.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Love your photos, Sallie, really captures the feel here in the northwest!! Glad you were able to able to get out on the water for a bit! We've had the same kind of skies here in WA with forest fires scattered around the state and we finally had a whole ten days of summer!!! It's on the move out though as of today and it's back to gray! Hope you have a great week!



Beautiful place, very scenic.

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