September 21, 2011



Yes, definitely not a plant to brush against! It's one I don't concern myself with anymore: it doesn't grow here!
Pretty in the fall, though!

Clair Z.

Oh, dear, this reminds me of my childhood. Somehow, we were always so involved in whatever outdoor thing we were doing that we forgot to beware. Eventually we learned, though, after suffering through the awful itching and swelling and the embarrassing pink crusty-looking calamine lotion. I hear that they have a transparent calamine now...


I hate poison oak and ivy. In addition to showering after exposure, you have to wash shoes and anything that comes into contact with it. I've learned with poison ivy that the poison isn't released until a leaf or root is broken but even insects causing holes can leave parts that can spread the poison.

EG Wow

For sure I would be careful!


Red warns us to stop before proceeding any further.
I've had that and been itchy, Sallie and its not fun at all.

hugs and Happiness,


and yet it's so pretty
I'd need to sign a know
maybe I should print this photo and keep it with me :)

Gemma Wiseman

I don't know much about poison oak or poison ivy here in Australia! Sounds as if I don't want to know! A great warning!

Luna Miranda

it's great that there is a sign. the leaves are colorful---it's probably the same as colorful animals, the more attractive, the more lethal.

SandyCarlson (USA)

I am amazed this stuff hasn't been harnessed as a form of social control. "When we say keep off the grass, we mean it...." Tough stuff.


Beautiful thanks for the warning.


I feel lucky, I've never seen poison oak where I live. Then again, I remember accidentally touching it when I lived on the East Coast, and never had a reaction to it, while the slightest touch drove my friends crazy.


Don't you hate it when pretty things are poisonous?!

(...thanks, and you are welcome!)


Such beautiful coloured leaves yet so dangerous. Thank goodness for the sign!


That sign would probably keep me on the path too!


Been there and had it. Poison ivy is another nasty one. They both make you itch!


I always stay away from the poison oak while hiking. I see the signs everywhere!


I think this is what caused my outbreak a couple of months ago that then made my whole body go berserk! Then everything settled down and now I have an outbreak again. Damn it!


LOL! i've had plenty of bouts of poison ivy so i can relate...

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