September 14, 2011



I've been gone from blogging for two weeks but I had to come and find you Sign post. I love them and this one was both fun and funny to read.


Too funny... I almost posted a similar ESPRESSO sign this week. But your last sign gets the best laugh. When I ordered a decaf latte with skimmed milk in London my friend said they call that the "why bother?"... :-D


Nowhere here, would leave the WIFI on for visitors if they were closed!!


That area of the country is very appealing. I love the vodka addition. :<)


I hope you don't need to often the "Cafe- Mocha- Vodka-Xanax- Latte" !


I love coffee and it's always nice to find good options most places.


I tell you, the folk in the Pacific Northwest really love their coffee. When we are out there, I am amazed at all of the drive thru coffee places. There is no end of them. Love the collection. genie


I first noticed these little expresso shops while on the west coast. Now they are popping up all over the States! I like to take advantage of free wi-fi, too, 'cause we've found that the free wi-fi at campgrounds usually sucks!

Lady Fi

LOL - great post. I do love my morning coffee!


Tulsa has come a long ways in the coffee department but still has a long ways to go. We love the northwest and their consistent good coffee and expresso.


Tim Hortons is the most popular coffee and doughnut shop in Canada. There's five within walking distance of my home.


I found this so interesting, I don't know very much about small places in the States, have only seen large cities on stop-overs.
By the way, I don't drink coffee, am very happy with water in fact.


Ha, I can only handle one cup each day, plain and simple, non flavored.


Some people just have to have their coffee. My Bill is one. He always needs to stop for a coffee. I don't like it much I would rather have tea.


A town with coffee shops is very important. I prefer to drink mine at a cafe and people watch.

Lindy MacDuff

A fresh cup of coffee always tastes good, and it almost always tastes best when someone else makes it! :-) Great signs, and that last one gave me a chuckle.

SandyCarlson (USA)

There are days I'd be willing to pay for 9 and make my way with those and the free one...


I'm impressed that the Windowbox Care leaves their WiFi on when they close. Now, that's customer service.

Kim, USA

I want the last mixture what ever time of the day hehehehe.



Can you remember when you actually had to brew your own coffee? I think maybe young people today don't know what to do if they can't stop and order! I do admit that if I get weak coffee when I'm on the road I might get a little grouchy...


Must be a busy area, with all those caffeinated people!


hopped up on caffeine! look out for those drivers! :)


I love my coffee, it is wonderful to see so many different kinds of shops. I hope they are all doing well. I am starting to see more and more food trucks show up outside of my work.


Lots of hyperactive people in in the area? I'd be tempted to the strawberry lemonade as a side order to the coffee.


Your right there is coffee on every corner. Headed bck to WA in two weeks. Have to close up my mother's house.

Gemma Wiseman

Wow! Coffee varieties plus lots of fringe benefits! Great idea!

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