October 04, 2011


SandyCarlson (USA)

Amazing. Thank you so much. Your post is gorgeous.

Jackie from Yorkshire, UK

That is a beautiful bird, and you were lucky he posed to nicely for you. Our Housemartins have left their nests beneath the eaves and flown off on their long journey to Africa. We will miss their night-time chatter.

P.S. Funny you should mention a magic carpet, I have a long poem I wrote called 'My Magic Carpet' - some of my American friends want me to fly over and pick them up on it..!!!


I noticed that each year we have less and less little birds. What's left are crows and magpies.

missing moments

Great photo and childhood memories!

Jenn Jilks

'Tis beautiful!


That's a nice shot and a lovely bird.


Sallie, This is a great childhood memory! I adore the photo. I also would love to see as close as you have.
PS....I can't figure out why you are having a problem posting a comment to my blog. Just today a non-member posted one under Anonymous. I'm sorry you are having trouble with blog.spot.:(


I like to hear childhood memories - they are some of the strongest we have (and maybe some of the best).


Great shot of the beautiful bird and I enjoyed the post so much.


A wonderful capture and great read!


I do enjoy the detail with your photos! You could publish a Diary; it's fascinating to read.

Hilke Breder

Sallie, you bring back to me memories of endless days of childhood spent playing, so much freedom.... In August I have watched migrating nighthawks but they are always so high in the sky ... would love to see one close-up.


nostalgic post, Sallie, - how well I remember the nighthawks from our years on the farm. When the downdrafts were just right they would swoop in great flocks, low above the road, decimating the mosquito population. Our children loved them. I think it was two years ago that I did some research on their migration, - I watch for them now, but rarely see them since we moved from the farm.


Lovely story and a very special bird


I've never seen a nighthawke, Sallie, and now know what to look for.
We used to play the same way, only we had to come in when the streetlights came on.


It seems the lovely bird was not afraid of you. Wonderful!


Nice shot of the not so hawk like bird of your youth. I enjoy reminiscing about your childhood, Sallie.


Hi, Sallie + I'm sorry, but I can't see your photo:(
It's lovely post to read, but......


What a lovely bird, I love seeing birds from different parts of the world and I enjoyed your post below. I love walking with my camera too and like you, I have often taken photos of roadside weeds - wildflowers - some of them are very beautiful. Your photos are lovely, especially loved seeing the deer as I have never seen them in the wild.


What a beautiful post ad a beautful shot ! I like the things "special to us", those, in the present which remember us older times !


I've seen them flying at dusk but never saw one sitting still. Now I see what they look like.




they are beautiful, and neat to see in the sky!


yes, please, repeat that message - yell it from the mountaintops!!! the more folks that get it, the better for everyone in blogland!


Thanks for the heads up Sallie! I'll make a change on the comment form and see if I can get this rectified.
Your Night hawk is beautiful as are your childhood memories!


Sallie, the nighthawks are awesome! What a great sighting and photo.


Great photo and lovely memories of childhood.


Sallie it's a beautiful bird to see... It was so lovely to read about your childhood memories of them..

I hope both Bill and you are keeping well.
Take care.... xx

Boom & Gary

Great photo!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

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