October 11, 2011



I guess I've had a few as well, especially photographing egrets. The jolly things are just so far away and usually very skittish in the wild. Great collection of shots.

Sally, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog . . . much appreciated.

Lady Fi

LOL - funny title! Your comment was loaded up OK on my blog. So it could have been you, or it could have been Wordpress...Hope that the problem is solved now.


Sallie, I'm glad you took Springman's advice. Great photos of the Egrets! I also enjoyed your humor...regarding the song.:-)


Classic! Nice photos - I've been around birders so the terminology is new to me.


Great title! :) These are beautiful shots of the Egrets!


I love egrets... ad the song ! it's now in my head for a while !


Egrets and regrets, they rhyme. I love this song, too!

Hey, Sallie, Nature Footsteps has a new meme called NatureFootstep Waters.


I am an easy target for mental espionage such as you have perpetrated here. Still, "Egrets,I've had a few" is funny enough that I don't mind running the song on my mental mp3 player for a few turns. I'm sure that opening line will come to me the next time I see one of the big birds. How poor would our world be without Great egrets and their cousins stalking our wetlands? Regrets? Losing them would have been one to many!
Brilliant post!


Wonderful shots and post about the egrets. They are such beautiful birds.

Luna Miranda

LOL i'm also humming the song, your version.:p
i remember a line from a movie--there is no greater sorrow than regret.


Egrets are so graceful by air and land alike.. especially the Snowy's with their beautiful lone feathers.
Great post and photos, Sallie. Well worth reposting.



your post title is wonderful :)

egrets are exceptionally beautiful to me, so graceful


Egrets are so cool to watch, I love them and I love your post:)

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - you can’t call me original in the choice of my blog names! Also, I've changed the comment format on my "big" blog so you can leave comments.

Spent more than a little time on my last trip trying to get pictures of White Necked Herons - with little success. Wish they would have cooperated more!

Cheers - SM

Clair Z.

Yep, you did it! I'll never see these birds the same way again. Love your sense of humor, Sallie.


Sallie, henceforth, I will be singing My Way every time I see egrets! You did it your way. It is now in my head.

I'm glad you reposted or I might not have seen this and learned a few birder ways. I'm always trying to point out to Tom a bird I see and say, "there, no, over there" and more often than not it flies away before he spots it. I will remember to use the hands of the clock. In fact, it will work for deer on our property as well. "oh, dear, there's a deer at 3 o'clock".

I love egrets, and your pictures are beautiful.


The egrets are beautiful! I really like the last photo of the egret on the railing! Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it!

Jenn Jilks

Just a hoot. Love the photos.


Wonderful shots of the Egrets, Sallie! They are all beautiful birds. The Cattle Egret is especially cute because of its size.


Egrets are beautiful and fun to watch. I usually see them around the bay fishing in the shallows or perching in a tree until the tide goes out. Great photos.


caravans in the background of Egret images doesnt seem right...lol

Ive got the song all night now

Boom & Gary

Proud looking aren't they?? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


A lovely post Sallie..and like Theresa I don't want that song running through my mind...
I have a limk to this post and where you are staying (by name only) my surname you may have missed is Fulton.
Take care.. big hugs


ha ha! laughing at your attempt to supplant that song into my head! i skipped right past the lyrics in protest!!! :)

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