October 06, 2011


SandyCarlson (USA)

That is one beautiful rainbow. I am glad the weather has improved! Thanks for joining us.

Jackie from Yorkshire, UK

Rainbows are beautiful, lovely pictures.

Our day started out really cold yesterday, then turned really warm. I found silver oilcloth to make my Roman armour with in York, in the very last shop we went into after walking all over the city!

Did you watch my daughters song video on my blog? It has photo scenes from Western Scotland that she took.


Lovely! Rainbows are a rare sight here in India and I so love your shots! Terrific :)

PS: Thanks for all the blogspot comment form follow up. I apologize for all the inconvenience caused to you and have now changed it to pop up as per your advice :)


It's ages that I haven't seen a rainbow ! they are so beautiful !


So lovely colours and a beautiful shot !
Embrun, where I live now lay just near a very large artificial lake (Serre-Ponçon). Now the water is going slowly down too. In April it'lll be empty in this part and dust'll fly all over, but, happily, not in the town !


Beautiful photos - a rainbow is a rare treasure anywhere. We get lots of sunny days here, but maybe not this weekend, as it's supposed to snow on-and-off for the next 24 hours at my house!


Ahhhhh, these are beautiful. A rare treasure enjoyed.


There is nothing nicer than a rainbow after a shower. Somehow it makes the rain okay. :)
Love these shots.


Fabulous captures, Sallie - what a wonderful landscape you have so near your home.


Oh Sallie what a lovely rainbow... I saw a beauty myself today but I was driving. I did have a camera with me but when I managed to pull over it had disappeared...
Always beautiful to see.

Tatjana Parkacheva

Beautiful scene.

Regards and best wishes

Lady Fi

Oh my -- these are simply glorious - so full of magic!


Great rainbow shots. It has been so long since I saw one here, it would probably scare me. I used to do a lot of star gazing in my young days. We always looked for the big and little dippers. We watched for a falling stars as well.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - nice shot of the rainbow - we have had a couple of good rainbows in the last week (pictures to follow!). What a great thing they are.

I like them because we really know how they happen, but that does not take anything away from their beauty - I only wish people would see the same thing in other parts of the natural world!

Cheers SM

LindyLouMac in Italy

Beautiful, I love the rainbow over the water, such a tranquil shot.

Mandy C

beautifully captured view of the rainbow, thanks for sharing with SWF and thanks for your kind comments on my post


Treasures aren't always at the end of a rainbow.. they are the rainbow itself.
Beautiful shot, Sallie.


Lovely shots of the rainbow! Enjoy the sun!

Mickie Brown

What a beautiful "ending" to a rainy day. Speaking of rain, something we haven't had for a LONG time-- I would love to see some. We do have showers forecast for Sunday, so I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing your lovely rainbow full of hope and promise. Have a terrific weekend. And, sorry Sallie, Autumn is here, ready or not. Mickie :)

J Bar

Beautiful rainbow captures.


That's a pretty spectacular rainbow, Sallie - glad it brought you good weather.


Just like a glass prism, beautiful!


really beautiful!


That is a huge rainbow.


I love the rainbow shots, they're so vivid and clear!


Lovely capture of the rainbow. I love the mosaic and the pretty scenery. Wonderful photos, happy skywatching!


What a treat to catch the rainbow. Beautiful skies!


Today I can see your lovely photos, and enjoy them so much! Simply awesome:)

Laura Hegfield

Oh Sallie these photos are magnificent!


And now the quiet season begins!

Kay Davies

How lovely! And then a sunny day. We're enjoying rain here today, it happens so seldom, but it is supposed to be finished before sunrise tomorrow, so probably no rainbow.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Boom & Gary

Any sight of a pot of gold!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I agree with Martha, great reward for enduring the rain! Such a lovely rainbow and what wonderful captures! I haven't had a lot of luck catching rainbows, but then we haven't had any lately! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Sallie!



Nice one, a reward for enduring the rain.
Rain back here in Lincoln gave me a great rainbow as it was clearing yesterday.


Those are lovely shots Sallie. I never manage to get good pics of rainbows.

Tinas Picstory

wow what a great shot :)


Wonderful shots of rainbow.

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