October 27, 2011


Red Nomad OZ

Such gentle, dreamy shots - and such a contrast to downunder here in OZ!! Hope you're enjoying your break - look forward to your return!!

Lady Fi

Wow - what amazing skies!


Enjoy your break,! I agree, Such beautiful weather really does tend to take you in a dreamy state... where you go in nothingness and think of all the good in life...

Come back soon Sallie, eagerly await to hear out all the wonderful travel stories from you :)

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - so true about the weather always being best just as you leave!

Hope to be back in touch when you reach Florida!



Safe travels as you make your way here!


Love that first shot, such a soft pastel view...

Mama Zen

Gorgeous pictures! Travel safe!


Difficult times when we must leave ! I do't like this at all ! Courage, et bon voyage, Sallie !


ITS so beautiful there....I know what you mean about all the woulda, coulda, shoulda's I hope you have a great trip down and across and I hope you get to take your time--HEY gas went down a dime in one week here.


I know the feeling when it starts getting rainy and cold. We got out first taste last night with our first snow IN OCTOBER, no less. Sights like these will be missed, but they will be waiting you you when you get back. Thanks for stopping by...I thought you all were already on the road. Have a safe trip and stay in touch. genie


Nice pictures, love the clouds :0)

Lindy MacDuff

Wow, those are beautiful scenes! I can see why you would be hesitant to leave. Wishing you safe travel as you make your way to your winter destination.


Such beautiful sceneries! The reflections in the bottom shot are just gorgeous.


Heavenly skies over the lake.. are you sure you want to leave and head south?
Although you can always look back at you blog photos and be warm at the same time, but smart girl that you are U already knew that, right Sallie



First of all I have to apologize to you Sallie. Somehow I lost the link to your blog that I use to have and didn't even realize it was gone.
I think it had something to do with blogger changes.
When I click to subscribe, I get nothing but odd letters.
I did add your blog back to my blog roll.
Sorry about the mix-up


It's not for nothing that they say parting is sweet sorrow. You captured a few more lovely views of this place before leaving, Sallie. Happy road trip!


Love the pastels on these shots. They are both beautiful and reflect your sadness of leaving. Have a safe trip back to your winter home.

Lady Fi

Wow - two fabulous sky pictures!

Have a wonderful trip south!


Sallie, what a lovely place, and am sure you have many fond memories. The circle of blue cloud is so pretty, and the reflection created is just so pretty.

So long Oregon, and have a safe and pleasant RVing....


Love the soft blue reflection in the last photo Sallie!
I know how hard it is to leave family but I wish you Happy Trails on your way back across this beautiful country.
I'll be looking forward to seeing what you find this time.


What lovely photos - I can see why leaving would be bitter-sweet. I guess your family has told you we got snow here in CO. Be safe on your travels, Sallie!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Happy travels, Sallie!


In the sky the stars shine bright
Not by day, but through the night.
Should the stars begin to fall,
There would be no sky at all!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Patrice P

Wow, those skies are heavenly!!!

SandyCarlson (USA)

These skies are utterly beautiful. Thanks!


I know exactly how you feel Sallie. But, it is an integral part of the Full-time life style, and there will be lots of blue skies or warm weather ahead. Happy (and safe) traveling.


Lovely photos. I hope you have a safe and fun trip. i am looking forward to seeing places along the way. Take lots of photos. Happy skywatching!


Beautiful shots from a place you love!
Have a happy and safe trip back to Florida. Hugs :-)


Such beautiful skies. Safe travel, Sallie, and here's hoping for some good travel weather. I'll look forward to some awesome posts sometime soon.

Kay Davies

Happy journeying, Sallie. My brother and his wife have left the coast of BC and are heading south for a few months, but are planning to return for Christmas. I don't know if I'd want to be pulling a big 5th-wheel up there in the winter, but my brother is braver than I am.
Take care, and we'll all be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


I love the feeling of tranquility in these pictures, so calm an lovely!

Jackie in Yorkshire, UK

Love that second shot, the lake looks like glass. Take care on your way home and keep the camera busy.


I could feel your sadness about leaving such beauty. What a great capture of that circle of blue sky breaking through the clouds. Thanks for sharing!

Clair Z.

Sallie, you have such a nice life. I am so glad you share it with us. Beautiful photos. I look forward to your next post. Happy travels!

EG Wow

Enjoy your journey!


Love that hole in the clouds reflected in the water.
Have a safe journey. I find it hard to post while on the road.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Such gorgeous skies and reflections, Sallie! Your photos are really marvelous for the day! I hope you have a good and safe trip south and look forward to your new sets of skies!!



What a life of wisdom. I salute you for making the most of it.
And I love that composition of blues.


I love the reflection of the break in the clouds, in the second photo! Safe travels!


Gorgeous shots. I can see why it's hard to leave.


be very careful! and hope you have an enjoyable journey!

that 2nd shot is beautiful!

Boom & Gary

Great skies though!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


It's really sad to leave a beautiful place like this. I love your shots. Happy sky watching.


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