November 29, 2011


Bricks and Sticks

Don't forget to take a few in the Coastal Bend! We have tons of wildlife and unique systems.


I didn't ever realize there was a real roadrunner bird. I've only seen the cartoon! :-D


Great photos. i saw a roadrunner years ago when we I was a kid on family vacation. It would be a real thrill to see one again now!


I never saw such a thin bird ! Thanks ! I'm happy to know that Florida is close now.


Sweet catch Sallie, I would love to see this great bird in action one day!


IM completely jealous...IVE hoped every desert Ive visited to see one Road Runner..but NOT yet--gotta keep trying..GREAT shot how exciting!!


Nice captures!


I'd love to be joining you where you are right now. One of my favorite places to be! Safe travels the rest of the way!


You really are now nearing your destination-I've looked up most places up to Texas so far!

Hilke Breder

I have never seen a Roadrunner, except of course in the comics. Great shot of an interesting bird, Sallie!


I've always wanted to see a roadrunner up close, Sallie, and this may just be the closest I'll ever get. Beepbeep! What fabulous pictures these are, and you captured one with your camera up in a tree.

New Orleans! I'm green with envy.


Roadrunners are so cool! I had the chance to see a few when I was in Texas.


A beautiful bird! It surely must make for a very good company! Gorgeous shot!

Stewart M - Australia

Have wanted to see one of these for a long time - too much time watching cartoons as a kid!

Cheers - SM


I have always wanted to see a roadrunner so am thrilled you posted these photos ...and I have always wanted to visit New Orleans.
Travel safe.


As far as I know, Sallie, I've never seen a road runner, but so familiar from seeing them in cartoons, - beep beep! I have been catching up on your posts, and hope your road running continues to be interesting and enjoyable, - thanks for sharing!


I love this for all it is and for an aside--I call my dear friend and (ex) bro-in-law my Paisano. He is that. Thanks for this post!


Great photos and a fascinating bird. I wish I could see one of those in the wild!


What a beautiful bird.
Never seen one.


I've never seen one but I think they are such interesting birds...

Boom & Gary

Never been close to one. Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


Wow Sallie a beautiful little bird I grew up thinking was just in a cartoon... beep beep.
I am aware of them but have seen few images... and not a coyote in sight.

Hugs Drew.


i so love these silly birds! so glad you got to see one here!

Lady Fi

Oh - what a cute bird!

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