November 19, 2011


Louis la Vache

Excellent! What a fine collection of bridges!

«Louis» works all weekend, so it is difficult for him to visit those who have contributed to Sunday Bridges on Sunday. So here it is mid-week and he's FINALLY getting around to visiting and thanking all who contributed to the meme.

Lindy MacDuff

Those are some magnificent-looking bridges!

Thanks for your very nice comment on my Signs, Signs and Thursday Challenge post a few weeks back...I'm rather behind in getting around to everyone who commented. Hope your travels are going smoothly.


The bridge with the 'towers' (top left corner) is fantastic! Nice bridge mosaic.


Wow! What great bridges you have. They look like an adventure is waiting at the end.


We made that trip one time but on the motorcycle. Enjoyed so much seeing some of the sights again. Thanks for sharing.

Jenn Jilks

I love your bridges! I did one of those onceuponatime, too!


You had lots of bridges to cross before........ All a little different too.


What a wonderful set of bridge photos, my husband would love to see these, as I would too, but my husband loves seeing how they are constructed.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots of different kinds of bridges. (And it's looking autumnal over there too.)

bob dawson

wow great photos really enjoy your blog bob in md


There is something magnificent about bridges. Since I have zero knowledge about how they are built, I greatly appreciate all that engineering.

J Bar

That's a beautiful design.

Tinas Picstory

great shots! :)


Wonderful shots. I love bridges of all kinds.


Very cool! Where was the one on the top left in the mosaic taken? I assume you are just passing through AZ to get to FL?


Difficult to follow you, Sallie ! Yesterday, south, today both north and south-west !
For me, this week, it's simple : north to my parents'house .

NatureFootstep Photography

thatis a beautiful bridge. :) Great shot of it.


the arches in them are so beautiful!


Great views of the different bridges-hope you are dodging any weather horrors!


Aren't they magnificent? as are your photos and your layout of them. Truly beautiful, Sallie. I am traveling vicariously through your posts, each and every one.

Joe Todd

Hi Sallie.. The oregon coast drive is a must do for me.. Working hard to get better.. Not being out on the road is driving me nuts...I'm so glad you are my friend.. Are you taveling in the RoadTrek??


Color me a shade of green with you being on Hwy 101... it's one of my favorites and it's been decades... Great bridge shots, Sallie, and stay happy on the road. :-)


These are all beautiful bridges. I particularly like the two top art deco ones.


Fantastic post! I love these steel bridges - there is something romantic about them:)
Have a nice Sunday!


I wanna be on this trip with you all. Gene and his family, Buddy and I, and our best friend - a bachelor - are planning one for next summer. Fly to Portland, rent a GIB something, and then head up the coast ending up on Baimbridge Island with my other son. Each time I look at your photos, I want to GO! These are wonderful of the bridge.s genie


Wow, some impressive bridges! Nice shots!


Wow these are beautiful shots!

Sunday Bridges


These bridges are gorgeous. Thanks for taking the time to share them.

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