November 17, 2011



I think the only time when i have seen the sun setting so early is in the hilly mountainous areas.. I like the days to be longer too especially when I am travelling.. The shots are fabulous, loved both of them!

Have a lovely day Sallie :)


For years, while working, I loved the week after the return to regular time. It felt like a gift of that extra hour each day that week. I know I lost that week in the spring but it wasn't the same. I always lost time but only once a year did I gain an hour. I know it sounds crazy but that's how I saw it. Now that I'm retired and more in sync with the outdoors, I see it your way. The "day" is too short.


A beautiful sky is your reward for the earliness of the sinking sun.
Sallie, I just had a flashback 26 years and 1300 miles to the north. I didn't like it either!

hugs and smiles,


Those are some heavy clouds but what a beautiful image!
I know how you feel about the time change - I am still dreading when early evening comes. I think it's bedtime. The evening then wears on and on. :)
If you are in California you are way warmer than me!


4.30 pm?! And I'm always complaining about being dark at 6 pm everytime the clock changes in autumn...


Enjoy your meal, Sallie and perhaps light some candles ! Happy Thanksgiving to you too !


I know what you mean. They should pick a time and stick to it! Great photo.


Glad to hear you are heading south!!! A bit on the cooler side tonight. We had a blast of humidity earlier in the week. Be safe! Judy

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - used to live in the north of the UK - on a cloudy winters day you needed your headlights on before 4pm and would still be using them at 8.30 am. It felt like the sun was working to rule!

Cheers - Stewart M


It is 4:30 here, Sallie, and dusk has fallen. I with you, a bizzilion years old and still not used to this. The good news is that in about 5 weeks we will be on the upward side of darkness. Sigh.

Boom & Gary

Nice shots!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Cnada.


I love the way way the cloud looks with the sunset in the first shot. I like both shots and can relate to the issue with the time changing on us.


i can so relate to your time change confusion! why do we continue to do this to ourselves!? ha!


Lovely photos, Sallie! It is getting dark so early now, I do not like these short winter days. Have a great weekend and happy skywatching!


Same here in UK Midlands: it was pitch black at 16-30 last night! I can hardly imagine a picnic at tea-time just now!!!

Lady Fi

It's dark here by 4.30 pm!

Lovely skies!


Hahaha, I believe you! This afternoon, I when I looked out from my window at work, I missed the sunset, and it was 4:45 p.m. the sun was already down.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I do relate! It was pitch dark here in Seattle this afternoon at 4:15!! I do hate these long, endless nights!! Great shots though!! Hope you have some longer days soon!


Trish ~ ♥ ~

I am so with you on that. I never understood exactly why it "needs" to get dark at 5:00!!

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