November 14, 2011


Peter Rainvilel

Hi Mom,
Great shots, My long legged and bigfoot Son gave up wearing shorts this week. It got down to 20 deg last night.


The bridge and the water in the first remind me of fishing with my Grandpa many many years ago. He loved it so.
Growing up my son and his friends wore shorts to school sometimes up until Christmas. :)
Shorts and long sleeves - ahhh, to be young.

SandyCarlson (USA)

So cool to have a supervising grandpa! Beautiful shots.


Who wouldn't be happy to be living there as your photos show such wonderful scenery as well as fishing spot. Family times at their best.


I like your long-legged grand son 's photo ! Children (little and big) are often too far and spending a good outdoor day with them is such a pleasure ! We spent this week-end with our son to pick-up olives(220 pounds !)under the sun ! Great day too !

Jenn Jilks

Yup. Grandparents rock!!! :-)


Nothing surpasses a good day outdoors with loved ones. Your top photo of your grandson by the river with the bridge and fall colors is wonderful.


Fishermen love their fishing, and that area is a gorgeous spot for enjoying the sport. Looks like everyone is having a fine time. genie


Fishing is fun, even when you don't catch fish. At least, I think it is. Looks like you had a good day!

Thanks for the condolences. She was my husband's aunt, and lived to be 99. She lived a lot of history!

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Wow, when did Ryan get so big?!


Sallie, these are great photos and what wonderful images of family. I especially like the first one; your tall grandson, the bridge, the reflections, the autumnal colors. I wish I were a poet because I see a poem in it.


the scenery looks just beautiful! i'd want to stay there and soak it in...

Clair Z.

The title of your post caught my eye, as we used to live in Puyallup, WA. Probably only folks from that area would even know how to pronounce that name! Love your river photos.


There'a nothing like a family intent on the same challenge. I bet everyone walked away with great memories.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - as a fellow angler I think that I could spend a good deal of time on that river!

I was pleased with the way both the spiders and the hay bales worked out - although the mosquitoes around the grass in the bale meadow were clearly very hungry! Teach me to wear shorts!

SM - Australia.

PS: There should be a longer post on my other blog by the end of the week.

Red Nomad OZ

What a beautiful spot! But I note there's no mention of how many fish were caught??!!


The light and colours are lovely esp. in the set of four shots! I love the one top right.


There is nothing like a day spent fishing. That area looks perfect.

J Bar


Lady Fi

What lovely shots. Looks fun!

Sylvia Kirkwood

Such a lovely scenic place and such fun to be with family! Great shots for the day, Sallie! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!



Nice to do fishing in such a calm and scenic place.


Looks like a fun time with your grandchildren. Great shots.

Mama Zen

That looks like so much fun!

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