November 05, 2011



Sallie this looks like a wonderful place. I sense crisp air and warm sunlight.
Glad you had that time with your daughter before leaving.
Hope your travels are going well. Stay safe.

Luna Miranda

beautiful autumn sunshine. a great day to spend outdoors.

Gemma Wiseman

Lovely water worlds for wandering! There seems to be a gentle breeze too!

Mona Sweden

Looks like a wonderful place. How nice to spend some time with your daughter.


I'm sure you had a great time there. The weather looks nice and the place lovely.

Jenn Jilks

This is the way to spend fall! Thank you for sharing it! And visiting my snowflake!


Enjoying a walk with nature and having your daughter by your side is a treasured moment in time you will both fondly remember, Sallie.
The south awaits your return with warm welcoming sunshine.

You and Bill have a safe journey.
Pam i am :D

Red Nomad OZ

So beautiful! Looking forward to MORE!! WAAAAY more!!! Have a great day - with lots more play!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - thanks for dropping by - good luck on the road.

Stewart M - Australia


What gorgeous photos and how wonderful to enjoy going outside and playing with your daughter.


I think it was time to head to warmer climes. I know it has turned cold and wet here and I'm sure the same is true for Oregon. I must admit, winters in Southern California were much better for enjoying the outdoor life, still, I wouldn't want to return.


Spending time outdoors with your daughter on a crisp clean day... is there anything more perfect? Oregon is such a pretty state. I share your enthusiasm for walks in nature, Sallie... and for being on the road! Hope all is going swell for you.

Lady Fi

Looks marvellous and what a great way to spend a day!


Sallie, I hope that as of this writing you are now in Florida. This lake is almost as close as the twin ponds we hiked yesterday. Not as colorful as the leaves you have, bit a little bit of dark brown colors.

The water is so smooth and the air so crisp. Some happy times with your daughter.

I will email you the link to the restoration program of the wetlands.


Looks like a wonderful day to walk with your daughter. My daughter is coming for a visit soon and I hope we'll have at least one good day for a pleasant walk.

Clair Z.

Ah, water. So lovely, and even more so when shared with family. I hope you are enjoying your time on the road.


All in blue and gold, beautiful !I hope you don't miss to much your daughter ! Good trip back home !


Hi Sallie, looks like you and your daughter had a great day for a walk with the dogs. Safe travels. Judy


It's lovely to read another chapter! Have a good trip. We had our first frost last night, but not enough to kill the last of the summer flowers.

SandyCarlson (USA)

Your photos are pure delight. Thank you!


i know you must miss her! this looks like a fun way to spend one of your last days there for this season.


Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will see about buying myself a pineapple...

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