November 11, 2011


NatureFootstep Photography

I would not mind staying there for lunch either. :)


I like a lot these colors and the way they reflected in the water. A peaceful shot and I hope travel.


That sure looks like a peaceful spot, Sallie.


This picture reminded me of Narcissus who felt in love with himself when he saw his reflection in such a clear water as this.


That is indeed beautiful, nice shot. I can't imagine that much rain, we get less than 20 inches a year, including snowmelt. And ours usually comes in a handful of big thunderstorms and snowstorms!


Gorgeous shot! Looks like a great picnic spot to me :)

Mickie Brown

Looks like a beautiful place to stop for a picnic. Awesome reflection in the water!!! You are on the "go" all the time--what a fun way to spend the days, weeks, and months--seeing all the beautiful places in the USA. Enjoy your travels and keep sharing these lovely spots with us. Thanks again for your nice comments, Sallie--you are so sweet. Mickie :)


Such beautiful scenery you are blessed with.


Gorgeous photo---WOW thats a lot of rain dont blame you for not wanting to experience that....continued safe travels.


Gorgeous fall colors! Hope you had a great weekend, and that your trip is going well :-)


Love the golden 'dots' in all that green and the little white house is a wonderful bonus. I would be heading south too if I could and would be back here only in spring.


This is so beautiful, Sallie. So exciting to see colors still. I loved your rainbows in your last post as well. Looks to be a double. Isn't life grand?


A delightful place to stop for a rest and some lunch to fill you both up for your long jaunt southward.

Be safe, well and happy, Sallie
Hugs, Pam

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - trees need rain! Without the rain the place would be grassland. Although 140 inches does seem a tad excessive.

Cheers - SM


Lovely Sallie!
I keep wanting to tilt my monitor to look at it flipped.
With that much rain I would be leaving too. :)
I wonder if that little home gets flooded so close to the water.
Continued safe travels my friend.

SandyCarlson (USA)

Ah, New England! No place like it. Beautiful post.


Lovely fall reflection and pretty picnic spot. I would have difficulty with all that rain!

Lady Fi

So tranquil and lovely!


Beautiful place and a wonderful reflection.


so still. love that little place along the water.


You must see some wonderful places on your trip south. This is beautiful.

Sylvia Kirkwood

Such a lovely autumn reflection! Hope you have a good, safe trip to Florida, Sallie! And have a wonderful weekend!



That water is like a mirror. You could almost turn the photo upside down! So you're heading to FL. We are already in AZ. Arrived 11/1.

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