November 21, 2011



I'd like to follow you, Sallie ! Your trip seems to be so interessant and beautiful ! RV park with orange trees is a treat !
Your aunt seems to be a very nice people too. What a great adventure when you live a so long life !


Lovely photos from your travels. I love following your trip!


Fresh squeezed OJ must be one of life's top 100 joys (and there are a gazillion!) Dopey freeway is right... I avoid them at all cost, but understand the occasional need to get on down the road. You're looking great and don't believe for a second that you'd now look older. Lucky you to share DNA with a cool centenarian. Keep on truckin' Sallie!

Lady Fi

Oh, those orange trees are a sight for sore eyes now that we are n November and it's grey.


Reading you say a fresh plucked orange made my mouth water. :)
Your Aunt is 103 - how marvelous! She's a lovely lady and so is her niece. :)
Happy Thanksgiving Sallie - wherever it finds you!


How wonderful it would be to just pluck an orange, Sallie. I love to hear of and see your travels and, you know, we all have to get on the interstates of life once in awhile. What a blessing it must be to visit with your aunt.

Kay L. Davies

Your aunt amazes me, Sallie. Imagine being 103 and still with it. The dog is beautiful, too. (I have a soft spot for big yellow dogs.)

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


That citrus tree is awesome...I have traveled in California but only a smidge of it...so much to see there. I hope you have a continued safe trip...


You two amaze me. Your always on the go and visiting along the way. I'm exhausted just reading all that you do, Sallie. I love that you take the time to keep in touch with Family and Friends.

Safe journey and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sylvia Kirkwood

You always seem to have great road trips, Sallie, and I know you'll be glad to be back in Florida for the winter! It is indeed fun to follow your adventures! Love your pics for the day! Wishing you and beautiful Thanksgiving with all the blessings of the season!



Sounds like fun!


It sounds like a lovely road trip, Sallie. the California coastline is pretty, but I guess the highway is faster. It is great you got to see your Aunt and cousins. Before you know it, you will be in Florida enjoying the Florida oranges. Great photos.

Boom & Gary

Glad you're moving along!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


It's wonderful to see your adventures unfold... I really am so jealous...


If you stopped at every photo op. along the California coast, you be there a year. I think it's about 900 miles. I like this post because I can identify with it. I used to spend a lot of time in Arcata and Eureka and I spent most of my life in Long Beach and worked there at one place for 37 years. We're in our RV at this very moment. We're up in the mountains near Julaian Ca for a couple of weeks at a place called KQ Ranch. We consider it our home away from home. If we're not at our actual house or on the road, we are usually here. Enjoy your adventures!


It's fun hearing about your travels and sounds like a fun variety of places. Great to be able to visit family.


It's fascinating following your road trip-using Google and its maps too. Thank you for bringing it all to life!


I have wondered where you were on this journey. I love that you are sharing as you go. Since I am planted at the moment, I can travel vicariously through you!


i admit, the orange trees would be a delight for me too!


It sounds like a great road trip, and I'd want to take photos of orange trees because they're very exotic to me. Nice shots!

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