November 26, 2011



Beautiful photos! Must have been quite a sight, all those balloons!


What a great treat to get in on this festival. Those balloons at night must have be a sight to see. We see the occasional one or two balloons overhead but to see so many, well, that's on my "some day" list.


Love the photos! I had no idea about the ballons. The "group" we belong to has a park in Yuma and a few on the Colorado River in that area. I'm thinking we're going to have to check this out! Thanks...

Leah H.

Hot air balloons, yahoo!! Never ride before:(

Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit me too;)


Mickie Brown

Sallie, Sounds like you are having such fun. A balloon festival is always a thrill--those beautiful balloons filling the sky with color--wow! I've written on someone's post before and had to go back and check who's blog it was--hard to keep them all straight sometimes when you are "flipping" around. Have a safe trip and "keep on enjoying" life. Mickie :)

LindyLouMac in Italy

Oh goody more balloons such a lovely sight. Thankyou so much Sallie for your recent kind comments and support which is much appreciated.


LOL! I did not realize the meaning of "snowbirds" until you got to the buses picking them up... Going up in a balloon has long been on my bucket list.


That was a good time to arrive in Yuma. The lit up balloons make a pretty picture, Bad luck you missed them taking off. That was a great project for the kids too. "Girls Rule". We call 'Snowbirds"
'Grey Nomads'

Gemma Wiseman

What a sight this must have been to see such colourful balloons soaring! Great photos!


That would be great to see but for me I don't think it would be worth the trip to Yuma.
It sounds like you are having a good trip. Have you ever been to Brazos Bend? It is a state park somewhere between Houston and Galveston. Lots of birds and alligators.


Nice shots - we have a balloon festival each years in my town and my favorite part is the nighttime balloon glow.


Beautiful post, love all your photos.
I've never seen balloons.
As an answer to your question. I live in a little place in the south of Norway. The park is only a half hour by car from our house. I love that park and all the beautiful birds there. I see Peacocks, Turkeys, Ducks and Chickens.
Keep enjoying your road trip and keep safe.
Have a great Sunday.


Hi Sallie, thanks for the email reply. I love this balloon post. The kids must have been proud seeing their balloons in the sky. They are pretty lit up at night, I would love to see this balloon festival. I hope your travels are safe and have a great day. Also, an sanswer to your question. The monkeys left the boat when the food ran out.

Lady Fi

Oh, what a wonderful sight to see so many balloons! They look so delightful in your shots. Lovely!


How wonderful, love all your photos, I would love to go to a festival like this too.
Keep enjoying your road trip and keep safe.


Isn't it fun when you just happen to come upon happenings like this! It's part of what makes traveling so wonderful!


Serendipity that you were there to see the balloons, Sallie! Someday, you'll have to travel to the Big One - in Albuquerque! I took a ride in one when my kids were teens - I got a ride for my husband for his birthday, and he "insisted" that I come along. (I was frightened by the height, but it was awesome.)


What a great project for the children to be involved in. Wonderful shots.

Louis la Vache

In case you didn't already know this, Fredericksburg is the birthplace of Admiral Chester Nimitz.


i like the idea of the kids' project being included! pretty neat! glad you're making your way thru Texas! some wintry (for Texas) temps are coming in here today - dropping temps 30 degrees from this morning with lots of wind, so i hope you can stay ahead of it in your travels!

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