December 08, 2011



I would love to visit there. That pyramid is just incredible!


What a wonderful place to stop and get you in the Christmas spirit. The pyramide is fantastic, Sallie.

Hugs n smiles, Pam :)


What a wonderful German Christmas pyramid!


The pyramide is fantastic! I've never seen one so tall.

Clair Z.

I'm so glad you reminded me of Fredricksburg, as it is a place I've always wanted to visit. Lovely photos!

Louis la Vache

Texas has many of these German communities spotted around it. In «Louis'» experience (having grown up there), they were either German Lutheran or German Catholic, Fredricksburg being the former.


Love the Christmas Pyramid. I wonder why these Germans settled in Texas (since most of them settled around Penn.). Anyway, welcome home!


very interesting...tomorrow is our local Christmas Parade but Im happy to stay home and not get in the crowds this yr..


What a great post. I've never seen one of those German Christmas Pyramids before, it looks like a great idea.


How wonderful! They really all look very festive.


That is so interesting! I have never heard of a Christmas pyramid before.

LindyLouMac in Italy

It sounds and looks like winter is a good time to visit Texas.


What a perfect place and a perfect day to photograph. I enjoyed these shots so much.


A sight to see, isn't it? Actually, a sight I'd love to see. Someday.

Red Nomad OZ

Well ... there's a clutch of things I'm unlikely to see downunder!! That's why I love my blogging buddies!!!

Lady Fi

What a great German pyramid! Looks like a nice sunny Christmas is in store.


I love it when towns keep traditions of their early settlers.

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - the German Christmas Pyramid is rather impressive - if a little over the top!

Why would you ever leave home if you have that many fish on your doorsteps!

Stewart M (often frustrated angler!) - Australia


It is true - they do things big in Texas! :)
The German pyramid makes my little one look like a popsicle house next to this one.


Love your pics, they have a nostalgic feel to them. Never been to Fredericksburg, my loss!


Wonderful preparations for the Christmas.


That giant German pyramid is awesome. I cannot imagine what it was like being up close to it...and the tree...it is precious. What a festive look to the town. They are definitely ready for Christmas. genie


Sallie, I love the cool decorations and the pretty tre. It looks like a nice place to stop and visit on your way home. Great photos, happy skywatching!

Boom & Gary

Great post, Sallie. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.


I love that German pyramid, and my first time to see it!

These are great photos of the holiday season!


Beautiful photos!
I agree with Andrew, as we have the same weather here in Norway.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sylvia Kirkwood

I do love Fredericksburg! And what fun, lovely captures for the day! Beautiful skies and, yes, the perfect timing indeed! Hope you have a great weekend, Sallie!



looks like you had perfect timing, alright! :)


I love that German pyramid with the pinwheel on top. I'd love to see that up close.


Wonderful images to see Sallie...
Rubbish weather in the UK at the moment... these pics really cheered me up. xx


Great skies and it certainly feels like Christmas is coming with the tree and that gorgeous Christmas pyramid.


Beautiful, clear photos-lovely sky and detail!

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