December 07, 2011



Very, very funny! There's a lot of humor in the world, and you find it!

Red Nomad OZ

Hahaha! That's hilarious!!! If it IS a question, what would your answer be??!! Have a great weekend!


Aha! I love that name! And the town Ajo, that is garlic in Filipino.


Giggle giggle, Why is great name, it belongs in DC for a really good laugh :)
I lived in Tucson when I was 7. I remember going up to Mt. Lemmon when it was 110.

Glad you two are save and back in sunny Florida, Sallie.
hugs n smiles,
Pam :)


I often read the sign "adopt a highway" along roads ... and highways. I always wonder : what have you to do when you adopt one ?? (we have nothing like this in France )

Lady Fi

What a great sign - made me smile!


Is is interesting how the town got its name "Why". A great sign for your psot. Have a wonderful day.


Everything about this post is so interesting! The signs, the history behind the naming of the town, the shots... everything is just so beautifully captured and described, Many thanks for sharing Sallie and Hazel too :)


And now we know Why. :-) Another candidate for Blue Highways...

Luna Miranda

your caption of the last photo made me LOL.:p
what an interesting name of a town. great post, Sallie.


that sure is funny! I'm surprised somebody hasn't spray painted the word "not" so the sign would read "Why NOT senior citizens". Of course, the only ones who'd think it were funny would be senior citizens, and I don't think THEY'D be spraying graffiti on signs! Ha ha!


What a find & how cool of a name :D
Just read Hazel's explanation - double cool :D


This really made me chuckle aloud, Sallie, both for the sign and for your wit. Why, indeed!


Thanks for the back story, courtesy of your visitors, and the fun of the present.


What a fun sign. I love the shot with the mountains.


Thanks for including the history of the WHY name. It is so interesting. These are great signs this week. genie


I wonder if the local senior chuckled when they adopted the stretch of highway, knowing how the sign would read.


I love the name "Why" for a town - why not?

It reminded me of a sign I used to see when we traveled more ... a small town called "Wyeth". We made a game of who would see the sign first and yell out "Wyeth Notteth"!!

Thank you for the wonderful memories, and the wonderful signs!


Great post!
I read Hazel's explanation. Now it makes sense why they called the town Why.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.


Classic town name! I remember driving through Wyoming one time, and there was a sign for a town with a population of 1!


Great find out there in the desert. I like Hazel's explanation. It makes sense. I was thinking the town fathers must have all been philosophers.


hmmm, some people did not read Hazel's explanation - why not?


i don't know if that is even a question, but what a neat find.


Interesting! We have a "Wye River" township here in Victoria, which hails back to England's Wye. I wonder if there is a link with that and it was just someone who coudn't spell? ;-)

EG Wow

Makes me wonder WHY the town is called Why.


That explanation makes sense. This part of the country (as in out in the middle of nowhere) has some pretty interesting names.


Great post Sallie!


Why, this is a terrific posting for to day.


This is too funny! A great find. :)


Why indeed, and why not? LOL!


ha ha! interesting name history! makes for some odd signage!


Your signs never cease to amaze me, they are all so wonderful, and interesting. I would never have thought a place would be called Why. Interesting countryside.


Sallie-I just read why Why is called thus:
"The unusual name of the town comes from the fact that the two major highways, State Routes 85 and 86, originally intersected in a Y-intersection. At the time of its naming, Arizona law required all city names to have at least three letters, so the town's founders named the town "Why" as opposed to simply calling it "Y." The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) later removed the old Y-intersection for traffic safety reasons and built the two highways in a conventional T-intersection south of the original intersection."

Louis la Vache

Why, indeed!


You must have fun on your travels-and with your camera! I do enjoy your detail and photos: this really made me smile-after driving home in the rush hour, in a gale and torrential rain!!!

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