December 10, 2011


NatureFootstep Memes

thanks for joining NF Waters. I love to have you. :)

Is N-O back on track? I don´t see any evidence of the Katarina disaster.

Mona Sweden

It must be awesome to take a river tour with that boat. The bridge looks marvellous. Love the construction.


I remember those bridges from the one time we visited New Orleans. I enjoyed the waterfront more than the French Quarter. Nice shot!


Sallie, have you seen Treme? The first season is at Netflix. Amazing, amazing drama about New Orleans after the storm.


That must be such a wonderful place to see!

Stewart M - Australia

Hi there - how cold can it get there really? As my mother would have said “You’ll be needing a coat!"

Cheers SM

PS: more archive mining for the next few posts I think!


Ole Mr Winter will get ya moving south pretty quick when he bites your bum.
Thanks for the waterside views, Sallie.. its always a pleasure traveling along.

Enjoy your west coast sunshine.
Pam i am :)


Lovely shots there, remind me of the wonderful time I had there when I visited.


I love rivers almost as much as oceans. Blue sky is a bonus. This one reminds me of the Wanganui River in New Zealand. The last time I was there it had just flooded and there were logs and branches all through the cofee colored river and no boats at all. I heard the steamer no longer runs on the river there.
Thanks for sharing.

Red Nomad OZ

I LOOOOOOVE riverboats - they've also made their way downunder to OZ!! Sounds like a fun time - and perfect weather! Not so different from my day downunder ...


What fun you must have had exploring, this is one city that I would love to visit.


Beautiful photos as always.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a great day.

ann nz

Natchez we have one here in Rotorua lake, but not very successful.


That's great that you were able to spend a few days in New Orleans. I love bridges so enjoy your photographs of them.


I have always been fascinated with stories of New Orleans and their music and Mississippi paddle steamers. Bad luck that it was so cold. How are they recovering from Katrina's damage?
In answer to your question about the dolphins, the rangers only feed five older dolphins , if others come into the shallows they are not fed. The rangers know which ones are which, they even have names for them. I guess if an older one dies they may start feeding another one to take its place for the tourist industry.(Not sure about this)


We were only in New Orleans once, on our way to visit Hubby's parents in Florida (a long way to go with two kids in two weeks). We didn't have much time but I do remember taking the river boat tour.


You lucky girl....my daddy was from NOLA. It is one fabulous place. Would love to have been on that boat...what fun. The bridge is pretty impressive. In a way it reminds me of the Bay Bridge on our way to see my daughter in Maryland. It is a lot steadier than my usual swinging bridges. Such a bright and cheery post. genie


Beautiful photos! My Internet was down for about 15 hours-I had to go into Mcdonalds and use their free WIFI....


New Orleans is one of a handful of places in the USA I have on my must visit places. I only wonder how much Katrina damaged its soul. The biting cold I would mind, too, so I'll do it some spring time...


Hi Sallie, I would have headed for the waterfront too. And the riverboat tour sounds like fun too. Wonderful photos. I also want to thank you for the reply on where to see the Whooping Cranes. I visit to Texas is a must. Thanks again, have a wonderful weekend.

Lady Fi

What lovely skies in these shots.


What a wonderful way to see New Orleans, once of my very favorite cities.


the cold off the water would not be fun, but the lack of crowds would almost outweigh it, i think. :)


Thank you for this wonderful journey.

Please have a good Sunday ahead.

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